‘American Housewife’ Preview: Lisa Vanderpump Surprises Katie On Her Birthday — Watch

It's Katie Otto's birthday and she gets the best surprise when Lisa Vanderpump shows up to wish her happy birthday in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 6 episode of 'American Housewife.'

The Ottos are at lunch in Los Angeles and Katie has her eyed peeled for the one and only Lisa Vanderpump who is guest-starring in the May 6 episode. “Maybe she’s at Sur shooting Vanderpump Rules. She has been having trouble with Jax,” Greg says to Katie in our EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the all-new American Housewife. She is floored and totally impressed with her husband’s VDP knowledge. “This right here is the best birthday present I could have gotten,” Katie tells Greg.

Greg and the Otto kids give Katie a sentimental gift. It’s a side-by-side picture frame featuring Katie’s favorite family photo and the family recreating that same photo in the present day. “It’s hilarious. I love it,” Katie tells Greg and the kids. Taylor and Anna-Kat are so excited to see their mom so happy.

Suddenly, Lisa Vanderpump walks in with her dog and a birthday cake for Katie. As usual, Lisa looks like the definition of fierce. “Happy birthday, Katie Otto,” Lisa says. Katie has never been more excited in her life. This is Lisa Vanderpump we’re talking about.

American Housewife
Lisa Vanderpump with the cast of ‘American Housewife.’ (ABC)

The synopsis for the May 6 episode reads: “After Anna-Kat’s big win with The Wildflower Girls, the Ottos head to California for an all-expenses-paid family vacation. But when her birthday coincides with their trip, Katie is determined to have a relaxing kid-free day, one where she and Greg are free to do whatever they want. Meanwhile, Taylor loses all her money on Hollywood Boulevard and Anna-Kat is forced into busking to get them out of trouble; and after crashing their trip, Cooper (Logan Pepper) surprises Katie by making her birthday wish come true.” American Housewife season 4 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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