‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Amber Portwood Freaks Out After Her Home Security Footage Leaks

Home security footage, which shows Amber Portwood the night she was arrested, leaked during the April 21 episode of 'Teen Mom OG'.

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Image Credit: MTV

Amber Portwood just can’t catch a break. One week after accepting a plea deal and escaping major prison time, the Teen Mom OG star faced another setback in her fight against ex Andrew Glennon. During the April 21 episode, home security footage, which showed Amber’s fight with Andrew the night she was arrested, leaked online, and it left her devastated. The video showed Gary returning home with baby James before an argument ensued. Later, Amber could be seen alone in the house and telling Andrew to return home with their son. She also told Andrew that she put his things out on the porch, so once he returned James, he could move out. After watching the footage and deciding to take a social media hiatus due to fan backlash, Amber told ex Gary Shirley that she felt “ashamed” of her actions. And then, she broke down in tears. “I feel disgusted”, she told Gary through her tears.

Meanwhile, Andrew finally decided to share his side of the story with producers, but he didn’t want to do an interview inside the house he once shared with Amber because it gave him “anxiety”. But once he felt comfortable, he said that reliving the night of her arrest is “a horror show”. He added, “I never saw that girl before. The girl I saw that night, I’ve never seen. It scared the s*** out of me.” Andrew wouldn’t say how many recordings of Amber he has, but he said it became a “knee-jerk reaction” after their constant arguments. He also said he “almost regrets” releasing the audio and videos of Amber, due to how it may affect their son, James, in the future, but at the end of the day, he said he just wants “ownership” and “honesty” from Amber. “I never wanted a broken family,” he said.

Later, Catelynn confronted her mom about the trauma she experienced when she placed Carly for adoption. Catelynn actually took her mom to Florida for some mother-daughter time together, and that’s where Catelynn’s mom finally told her that she did the right thing by placing Carly for adoption.

And Mackenzie‘s new job and reconciliation with Josh filled her with joy that she hadn’t felt in quite some time, but her happiness was quickly crushed by the discovery that her mom’s health was deteriorating.

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