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Stanley Tucci, 59, Looks Hunky & Makes The Internet Swoon In Thirst Trap Bartending Video

The bars are closed, but Stanley Tucci served something for all the thirsty fans out there. The 'Hunger Games' star whipped up a cocktail in a video that left many – including Chris Evans – raving over this 'sex symbol.'

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“What are you going to make me?” a woman (presumably his wife Felicity Blunt) says to Stanley Tucci, 59, at the start of the Apr. 29 IG video. Though Stanley says, “a negroni,” the real answer is “thirsty,” because the video made the entire Internet swoon over The Lovely Bones star. In the next three-minutes, Stanley goes set-by-step over making the cocktail, and you can feel the Internet just get more and more ravenous. Stanley recommended “a double shot of gin” in this recipe, but judging by the reaction online, everyone wants a double-shot of him. “Everybody – literally every single adult human in the world – would f-ck Stanley Tucci, and if they say otherwise they’re lying,” tweeted author/writer Jenna Guillaume, summing up the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to this bartending video.

“Why is Stanley Tucci just such a massive sex symbol within both the straight and gay universe?” “Women only want one thing, and its Stanley Tucci patiently making a cocktail and explaining each step as he does so.” “not to be horny on main but Stanley Tucci doing a cocktail masterclass on igtv is the most erotic thing in the world.” Many were amazed that Stanley decided to get fully-dressed while under quarantine (though, it might have been an excuse just to fixate on his waist.) “Imagine you’re in quarantine with Stanley Tucci and he’s making you a Negroni while being the last man in the world to wear real pants AND a belt AND a watch all at the SAME TIME. The sophistication. This adult.”

It wasn’t all just quarantine-thirsty vibes for this video. Stanley’s Captain America: The First Avenger co-star, Chris Evans, chimed in with how much he loved Stanley. “On some(most) days after we finished filming on the first Captain America movie, Stanley would make us martinis in his trailer. He’s an absolute gem. However cool, fun, witty, and charming you think he is, double it, and you’re halfway there.” Emmy Rossum also weighed in, complimenting Stanley on the music he chose to accompany his cocktail sesh.

For those Tucci fans who need any more inspiration to get through the current pandemic, Stanley will be taking his sophistication – and forearms – to Italy once the COVID-19 outbreak is under control. In February, he and CNN announced Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy, a four-part series that would see him travel the country on a food tour, according to Deadline. The country is near and dear to Stanley’s heart. He spent a year living in Florence with his family in the 1970s. He co-directed and starred in Big Night, a 1996 comedy-drama bout two Italian immigrant brothers setting up a restaurant in New Jersey.

“I wanted to do this series because I am fascinated by the diversity of Italian cuisine and set out to gain a better understanding of the country’s rich history and culture,” Stanley said in a statement. “This was a passion project and love-letter to the place where my family is from. I am thrilled to be working with CNN on this project as an admirer of their reporting and original series, which are incredibly smart, compelling, and beautifully produced.”

It may be a while before Italy is safe for Stanley to visit, but it’s something to look forward to. In the meantime, we all can practice making Negronis in our home, thanks to this new video from Stanley.