‘RHOA’ Season Finale Recap: NeNe Leakes & Kenya Moore Feud At Kandi’s Baby Shower

Season 12 of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' culminated with an epic blowout fight between nemeses NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore.

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Kandi Burruss‘ baby shower was supposed to be a happy occasion, but due to some ongoing tension amongst the group, it was anything but a joyful experience. In fact, the April 19 season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta ended with Kenya Moore trying to pick a fight with NeNe Leakes. After it was revealed that Kenya spoke to the press and called NeNe “a bully with no friends”, Kenya then accused NeNe of trying to spit on her in Greece, and she clapped back. “If I wanted to spit on you, you would know you have been spit on,” NeNe shouted.

Kenya then rolled her eyes at NeNe and sarcastically called her “miss classy.” Surprisingly, Cynthia then jumped in to defend NeNe, saying, “I saw you throwing popcorn but I did not see you spitting.” Kandi, however, wanted none of it and she became annoyed with all the fighting. “I get this but everybody is leaving and I never got to introduce my surrogate and this is taken over,” Kandi told the ladies. She then told producers, “I’m sick of them. It’s like ‘do you not get this is an important moment for me?'”

Fortunately for Kandi, the fight didn’t go much further than that. Her husband Todd almost had to call security on NeNe and Kenya, but as soon as he threw out that warning, NeNe and Kandi calmed down. However, we must note that didn’t stop Kenya from trying to antagonize NeNe even more by purposely walking over near her and hugging someone goodbye. And after she walked away, Cynthia agreed that Kenya tried to get close to NeNe so NeNe would hit her. NeNe kept her cool, though, and nothing physical transpired.

In other finale news, Kandi and Todd clashed over new drama with Mama Joyce. Because of the nasty things Mama Joyce had been saying about Todd, he refused to say hi to her when she came to their restaurant to see Kandi. That infuriated Kandi, because in her opinion Todd should respect her mom no matter what, but he eventually apologized in front of everyone at the party, when he got on the microphone and said he was sorry. But that didn’t help his situation with Mama Joyce. She was so upset by Todd’s behavior that she refused to go to the baby shower.

And finally, Porsha accused Kenya of lying about Shamea when she sat down with NeNe for a one-on-one chat before the baby shower. Even though Kenya had previously told everyone that Shamea called her before anyone else when her water broke, Porsha told NeNe that that never happened. According to Shamea, Kenya reached out to her the day after her water broke, and that’s when she found out that Shamea went into labor. Kenya was not the first person Shamea reached out to while her water was breaking. So why did Kenya lie? Seems odd, right?

Want more? It’s not yet clear when the reunion will air, but Andy Cohen recently confirmed the cast will be filming one virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. Typically, new episodes of RHOA air Sundays at 8pm on Bravo, so keep an eye out for a future announcement about the reunion.

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