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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Preview: Katie Gushes Over Travis After His ‘Thoughtful’ Birthday Gift — Watch

Katie and Travis' courtship continues and he gives her a sweet birthday gift in front of her family in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 16 episode of 'Bringing Up Bates.'

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Katie Bates, 19, recently announced that she started courting Travis Clark, 19, and he pays her a special visit in this EXCLUSIVE Bringing Up Bates preview. He makes the long trip from his home in New Jersey to Katie’s home in Tennessee for her birthday. “I think any time you’re just bringing someone around your family and everything, there are a lot of nerves just because they’re trying to get to know him and you just want everything to be perfect, but it’s great,” Katie says. “I’m enjoying it. I love it.”

Travis and Katie go to dinner with her family and he surprises her with a birthday present. She opens it in front of everyone. Travis includes precious pictures from their courtship — from the first time they saw each other to their last trip. He gives her a ball cap and a few other things to complete the gift. Her family is very impressed with how well Travis knows Katie, especially her mom. Katie can’t stop smiling after getting Travis’ birthday present. Looks like he’s a keeper!

“Travis is the most thoughtful human on the planet,” Katie says in the preview. “And he knows my style already. This boy has got it down. Whoever trained him, A-plus.”

Katie officially announced her courtship with Travis in March 2020. Katie has chronicled their courtship on social media, posting her first photo with Travis back in Oct. 2019. Katie and Travis met in June 2019 through mutual friends and began talking shortly after that. We can’t wait to see more of Travis and Katie’s relationship on the show! Bringing Up Bates airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on UPtv