‘Black-ish’ Preview: Dre Worries About Pops After His Breakup With Lynette — Watch

Dre is concerned about how Pops is dealing with his breakup with Lynette in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new 'black-ish' and goes to Loose and Billy for help.

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Dre doesn’t think Pops is handling his heartbreak over his split with Lynette all that well. Pops won almost $5,000 and didn’t bat an eye. Dre asks Loose and Billy how Pops has been doing after the split from Lynette in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 14 episode of black-ish. They have no idea what he’s talking about. Dre has to explain that Lynette broke up with Pops at Christmas. “Well, that’s news to us,” Loose says.

Dre brings up that they just took a road trip, so what in the heck did they talk about? Loose and Billy say they chatted with Pops about sports and gas prices. “Look, Pops needs someone to talk to about how he’s feeling,” Dre says. Billy replies, “I guess he can talk to the bartender when we leave.”

That’s not going to cut it for Dre. “He needs to talk to you two. You’re his closest friends,” he says to Billy and Loose. Loose agrees with Dre. It’s time for a Pops intervention.

In the April 14 episode, Keith David and Glynn Turman guest star as Loose Craig and Billy Blade. Wanda Sykes also returns as Daphne. They join main cast members Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Laurence Fishburne, Yara Shahidi, Marcus Scribner, Miles Brown, Marsai Martin, Jenifer Lewis, Peter Mackenzie, Deon Cole, and Jeff Meacham.

The synopsis for the April 14 episode reads: “Dre realizes he needs to intervene when Pops starts to go overboard while partying and gambling with old friends to mask his heartbreak. Meanwhile, Bow pawns school drop-off onto Junior so that she can avoid an annoying parent.” New episodes of black-ish season 6 air Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.