Wendy Williams Breaks Down In Tears During Show Over Lives Lost On Easter: ‘It’s Unbearable’

Wendy Williams became emotional while interviewing Michael Yo about his coronavirus diagnosis on her April 13 show. The host cried about the many lives lost over the global health crisis, especially on Easter Sunday.

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Wendy Williams started off her week on an emotional note. The host, 55, broke down in tears over the growing number of coronavirus deaths on her Monday morning show. Wendy was discussing the virus with comedian Michael Yo, who detailed his “painful” experience after he tested positive for COVID-19.

“One thing I saw in the hospital, I know in the hospital, people die alone and that was the worst thing,” Michael, 45, who called into the show via video, admitted. Patients with coronavirus are treated in isolation, away from their loved ones upon diagnosis.

“No one, Wendy, no one deserves to die alone,” Michael said before he hung up. The comedian is currently at home in recovery after an eight-day stay in the ICU. Wendy, who was already filled with tears at that point, struggled to end the call through her shaky voice.

“That thing about dying alone, I can’t even — that is unbearable, and yesterday was Easter,” she said after conversation with Michael.

“I’m just happy to be alive. I’m enjoying every day to the fullest,” the father of two admitted earlier in the call. Although doctors found fluid in his lungs during a recent x-ray, he said he’s “about 85 percent” back to normal health.

At the time of the interview, Michael said he’s been out of isolation for about 10 days. He noted that his wife Claire Schreiner and son, Oliver both came down with fevers that “went away quickly.” However, he’s unsure if they contracted coronavirus, as he was the only one in his household tested for the virus, due to limited testing kits. Before his appearance on the Wendy Show, the comedian stated that he was diagnosed with both pneumonia and coronavirus in an emotional Instagram video on March 30.

While Wendy remains in good health, she went on to explain how the pandemic has personally affected her.

“I’m done judging couples and why they love each other,” she admitted, explaining, “There’s certain reasons for relationships and there’s certain reasons for why people do things the way they do… I’m over it. This virus has really put just a little piece of virus on my judgement-ality, even though their business is our business.”

The Wendy Williams Show is currently being filmed from her New York City apartment during the ongoing pandemic. The host also noted that she may not be back in studio until July 1. However, the show did not confirm any broadcast updates since shutting down production in mid-March.