At Home With Cynthia Bailey: ‘RHOA’ Star Gushes Over ‘Date Night’ Walks Outside With Fiance Mike Hill

Cynthia Bailey and her fiance Mike Hill are still finding ways to keep their romance alive while at home in LA amid the global health pandemic. The 'RHOA' star took HollywoodLife inside the couple's nightly strolls around the neighborhood!

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Mike Hill & Cynthia Bailey
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Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hillstill have their date nights even while at home in quarantine amid the COVID-19 pandemic. — They just look a little different these days. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 53, and her fiance, a sports broadcaster, have embraced the little things during this unforeseen time. Now, their go-to activities include romantic walks, meditation and the occasional TikTok video when they’re feeling like “turning up.” Cynthia takes us inside their time in quarantine in HollywoodLife‘s “At Home With…” series, below!

What are you doing to work out or stay fit at home? Mike and I have been taking walks in the neighborhood, which has been really great because it’s kind of like our date night. He can’t take me on a date, so we just go for a walk in the neighborhood. We have a really nice park that we drive to that’s close to our home here. I’m dancing like a lunatic, so that’s been fun. It’s a really good workout because I’m dancing around.

What are you binge-watching during quarantine? I kind of ran out of stuff at this point. I’ve watched everything on Netflix. Me and Mike watch together, we finished watching Hunters. That was good. Movie wise, we just watched The Banker. We watched the Madam CJ Walker story, which was awesome. I highly recommend that one… I’ve just really kind of been all over the place. More than anything I’ve been watching CNN for the most part. But then that gets depressing after a while and I just start doing TikToks.

Cynthia Bailey at home

Cynthia Bailey shares exclusive at-home photos in the kitchen with HollywoodLife. (Photo credit: HollywoodLife)

Cynthia Bailey at home

(Photo credit: HollywoodLife)

What are your at-home quarantine essentials/what did you stock up on? Well, we have plenty of pasta. We’ve been stocking up on paper towels and toilet paper, of course — and washing detergent, because anytime someone goes out for a food run, they have to strip down, and like the coats, everything has to be washed again. We’ve been getting a lot of shampoo, cleaning stuff, and we’re definitely stocking up on lotion because we’ve been washing our hands. Alcohol! I like a little tequila margarita every now and then. Our girls are here, so they’ve been stocking up on snacks and stuff.

What’s on your quarantine playlist? I don’t really have one. Like I said, I have a house full of girls here, so whatever they play, it’s fine with me. Instead of really listening to music so much, I’ve been kind of doing the opposite — I’ve been meditating and finding my quiet time. Stretching, meditating, sleeping, taking naps and stuff like that. I’ve kind of been shutting down more than turning up, except when I get ready to like, do a TikTok or a trailer.

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