Jenelle Evans Claims ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers Wanted To Bring Her Back & Fire Jade Cline

Jenelle Evans made two bombshell claims on a new podcast! She insisted that MTV producers wanted 'footage' of her life in Tennessee for 'Teen Mom 2,' and allegedly wanted to kick Jade Cline 'off the show.'

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Jenelle Evans, Jade Cline
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Jenelle Evans, 28, claimed she was very close to making a comeback on Teen Mom 2 — and that her replacement, Jade Cline, was close to getting the boot! The mother of three made these big claims on the April 3 episode of iClick TV’s Dirty Reality podcast while discussing the MTV show that stopped filming her in April of 2019. “While living in Tennessee, I was in talk with my producers and they were asking me to send them footage of my daily routine with the kids [Jace, 10, Kaiser, 5, Ensley, 3] and what I was doing,” Jenelle said on the podcast. “And they were thinking about kicking Jade off the show.”

As for why none of this happened, Jenelle blamed her move back to North Carolina. “Ultimately they didn’t [bring back Jenelle/fire Jade] because I had to move back to North Carolina,” Jenelle further claimed. HollywoodLife has reached out to MTV for comment on Jenelle’s allegations, but didn’t hear back by the time of publication.

Jenelle went on to explain that she couldn’t afford a house, mortgage and rent in Tennessee, where she briefly attempted to live a life independent of her controversial husband David Eason after announcing their (temporary) split in Oct. 2019. By the end of March 2020, Jenelle confirmed that they were not only back together, but living on “The Land” together as well, which is their shared home and farm land in North Carolina.

David was swiftly fired from the show in February of 2018 after allegedly sharing homophobic tweets. He brought on even more backlash after confessing to shooting Jenelle’s dog, French Fry, in May of 2019. It was a horrific event that was soon followed by Jenelle and David temporarily losing custody of their daughter, Ensley, and Jenelle’s sons Kaiser and Jace, according to a report from E! News. Adding to these losses was Jenelle’s longtime tenure on the Teen Mom franchise, which gave a then 17-year-old Jenelle her TV debut in 2010.

Jenelle still doesn’t find it fair how everything played out!  “I have spoken with my old producers many times about this. They still claim I was not fired’ but ‘let go for a season’,” Jenelle EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in March. “I am guessing they are still holding me responsible for my husband’s actions, even though I did not do anything wrong.”