‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Recap: Doe Doe & Big Mike Continue Their Hunt For June

Doe Doe and Big Mike's stakeout for Mama June may have led them into danger during the April 10 episode of 'Mama June: Family Crisis'.

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We’re starting to think this show about the Shannon family should have been called something else because we’re already three episodes into Mama June: Family Crisis and Mama June hasn’t even shown her face yet. This week, June’s sister Doe Doe and Doe Does’ boyfriend, Big Mike, continued their search for June, and their journey involved Doe Doe reliving June’s arrest. In an effort to get into her sister’s “mindset”, Doe Doe asked the police if they’d handcuff her and throw her into the back of the same exact truck that Mama June was hauled off in, following her infamous arrest. They happily obliged, so we as viewers got to witness Doe Doe recreating one of June’s darkest moments.

Later, Doe Doe and Big Mike went to a bar, where they were told that June might be staying at a motel right off the highway — just past exit 9. And since they had already come so far, they decided to take the next step and perform a stakeout. After the sun went down, Doe Doe and Big Mike picked a spot in the parking lot of the motel and waited for a suburban with Georgia license plates to pull in. And when it did, Doe Doe jumped out of the car, approached it, and called for Mama June. The episode ended before we could see if it was Mama June, but if we had to put a wager on it, we’d say it probably wasn’t her. But for Doe Doe’s sake, we hope it was.

In other news, Alana got ready for her fashion show debut, which went off without a hitch, and Jennifer got the Star treatment! Meaning, she did an interview with the magazine and then posed for a sexy beach photo shoot. She even wore a red swimsuit in an effort to compete with Mama June’s recent Baywatch-inspired shoot. And even though Jennifer was told it would look like she was copying June, she didn’t care.

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