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‘RHONY’ Recap: The Ladies Shade Leah McSweeney For Having A ‘Tramp Stamp’

We learned two things during the April 8 episode of 'RHONY': the older ladies think tattoos are disgusting, and because Leah has one, Sonja refuses to have sex with her.

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Despite Sonja Morgan‘s promiscuous behavior over the past 11 seasons telling us otherwise, the Real Housewives of New York City star won’t have sex with just anybody. In fact, during the April 8 episode of the series, she revealed that she hasn’t — nor will she ever — have sex with someone who has a tattoo. When Sonja asked newbie Leah McSweeney to tell them more about her, Sonja was shocked to learn that Leah had “a lot” of tattoos.

“That’s so when they have sex behind you, they remember who you are,” Sonja joked before taking to her private confessional and saying, “Leah has a beautiful body, and I think that says something negative about her that she would get tattoos because it’s very… self… is it self defecating? No, that’s sh**ting on yourself. [Well], it’s sort of sh**ting on yourself, but it’s self-defaming.”

Sonja then told Leah, “We will never have sex. You can relieve yourself. That’s a deal breaker for me.” She claimed she has “never” had sex with a man who had tattoos, but Leah wasn’t so convinced. “There’s a few things in this life that I’m sure of and one of them is that Sonja is not going to kick a hot, young guy out of bed because he has an anchor tattoo,” she quipped before Tinsley admitted she has a tattoo as well and Sonja told her that “no one” is going to “f*** you with that there.” Well, then.

The conversation mostly consisted of the three ladies laughing over Sonja’s outrageous claims, but things took a turn when Leah and Tinsley arrived in the Hamptons and learned that Sonja told everyone about Leah’s “tramp stamp”. Leah actually didn’t mind all that much that the ladies knew about her tattoo. What did upset her, though, was when Dorinda made it a point to tell her that “none of this group” has “a tramp stamp”. Ramona also said that she “doesn’t talk to people with tattoos”, before Dorinda made a joke about Leah needing to “turn around” and “bend over” if Ramona ever forgets her name.

Leah though the comment was “rude” because they “just met”, however, Dorinda didn’t think she did anything wrong. And the ladies argued over it later that evening. Leah also learned that she can’t really trust Sonja because after she told Sonja that she was upset with Dorinda over the comment, Sonja ran and told Dorinda about it.

Fortunately, everyone got over it and they all went out to dinner together. And that’s when everyone then became annoyed with Ramona for not giving them her full attention. She was too occupied with answering phone calls and saying hi to her other friends at nearby tables in the restaurant. Oh, and did we mention that Luann wasn’t thrilled with the room Ramona gave her in her home in the Hamptons? Not shocking, right?

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