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Supermodel Shares Her One Total Body Stretch To Do While Working From Home

It's important to keep your blood flowing while working from home & luckily, model Pritika Swarup, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, the one total body stretch that she does at home!

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Pritika Swarup
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Since the entire world is under self-quarantine because of the coronavirus, it may seem hard to stay in shape. Not only should you been working out, but getting your blood flowing is just as important and Pritika Swarup, model and ambassador for Operation Smile, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the total body stretch she’s been doing while stuck indoors.

“I usually do the world’s greatest stretch during my work breaks,” Pritika shared. “It’s a total body movement that increases flexibility and range of motion. Crawl out to a plank, bring your right leg forward and place it next to your right hand, then extend your right hand up to the ceiling. Bring your hand back down to the ground, inch your legs up to your hands and crawl your hands back out till you are in a plank. Repeat on your left side. Five rounds of this will get you right where you need to be during a long work day.”

As for Pritika’s go-to workout, she admitted, “I travel a lot for work, so it’s nothing new to be stuck in a hotel room and have to make use of the materials I have on hand. Some of the workouts I do are 3-4 sets of front and side lunges, jump squats, front and side planks, sit-ups, leg raises and Russian twists. I also like to incorporate yoga into my routine when I can.” She continued, “3-4 sets of 12 for each activity works for me; it’s really important to make sure your form is correct, so if necessary watch a video online to perfect the movement. For yoga, I practice sun salutations (standing and sitting postures).”

Pritika Swarup
Pritika Swarup, model & ambassador for Operation Smile, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the total body stretch she does at home. (REX/Shutterstock)

The idea of working out may seem daunting, which is why Pritika revealed some ways she gets motivated. “I put on some salsa music in the morning, which gives me the energy to move. I also think about the feeling I have after I get a good workout in, so that gets me excited to start. Lastly, I do breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing, which balances your body and allows more oxygen to the brain, and breath of fire, which creates energy within.”

Some things to make your workout more effective, Pritika shared, “Focus on tempo works – slow things down – if you are doing a push-up count to 5 and pause at the bottom. More time under tension will take your workout to the next level. Also, meditation is a powerful tool to synchronize the body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes simply sitting in a quiet place and listening to your breath calms down the mind.”