Kandi Burruss Claps Back After NeNe Leakes Seemingly Calls Her ‘Thirsty’

Kandi Burruss is hitting back after NeNe Leakes claimed one certain member of the 'RHOA' cast is 'thirsty' and gets to have their own spinoff 'season after season' at her expense.

Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes
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There’s going to be some serious drama going down at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, even if it will be taped with everyone at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown. NeNe Leakes went on a tirade about why a certain cast member keeps getting their own spinoffs that follow RHOA while she can’t get one of her own. Kandi Burruss isn’t 100 percent sure who NeNe is talking about directly, but thinks it could be her as she’s had three spinoffs: The Kandi Factory, Kandi’s Ski Trip and Kandi’s Wedding. Kandi has now landed a fourth spinoff for Bravo in 2020 called Old Lady Gang, which centers around the soul food restaurant that Kandi and husband Todd Tucker opened in 2016 in Castleberry Hill, GA. Meanwhile, NeNe still doesn’t have a spinoff and is bitter.

Kandi shared video of NeNe complaining about why she doesn’t have her own show to her IG page on Apr. 8. NeNe, 52, said “I think my not having a show is due to certain people not wanting me to have a show. Why one person gets to do a show every season after our show, it’s weird. To me it looks really shady for one person season after season after season and none of these other girls gets to do anything. It feels like someone is afraid that they would be bigger than you are. A threat basically, which is so ridiculous and so thirsty of them. It makes no sense to me.”

Kandi, 43, wrote in the caption, “This video won’t be up long but I wanted to address this. So @neneleakes said on her live with @tamarbraxton that I misunderstood what she said on her Youtube…. Now I don’t know about y’all but on this video it sounded like a bunch of hating & blaming of ‘a certain person they keep giving a show to’ as the reason her show ideas aren’t happening. Am I trippin? Who is she talking about in this video then?”

Kandi continued, “FYI I do not have the power to stop anyone from doing anything on Bravo. I show support to every project that my cast mates do. TV, business, or whatever they are doing I always post for them even if we don’t get along. I don’t understand the shade towards me. I stay in my lane & I’m not blocking anyone. Anyway Nene we can discuss this at reunion but since you talked about it on your live I figured I’d help the people get a little clarity on why I feel the way I feel.”


Fans responded to Kandi’s take. kitsmith1003 commented, “She feels like she was the anchor for the show and is salty cause she hasn’t been for the past few seasons,” while missamarisimone wrote, “i don’t get the shade towards you either, kandi 😬.” seydoo_ba told Kandi, “Jealousy & Envying 2 Be As Powerful As U…That’s Why.” User tos8032 was blunt, writing, “This lady is deranged, she’s almost like trump on a way, everything is always someone else’s fault,” while bankable83, added, “Haters never prosper. Some people are just intimidated by your success.”

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