Wendy Williams Urges Floyd Mayweather To Help His Daughter Realize Her Worth After Arrest In Houston

Wendy Williams thinks it's time for Floyd Mayweather to step in after his 19-year-old daughter, Iyanna was arrested in connection with an alleged stabbing on April 4. The host added that she believes Iyanna should serve jail time.

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Wendy Williams, Iyanna & Floyd Mayweather
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Wendy Williams wasn’t thrilled to report on the news of Floyd Mayweather‘s daughter Iyanna Mayweather and her recent arrest . The talk show host, 55, sent a message to the retired pro boxer, 43, to help get his daughter in line after she allegedly stabbed another woman in Houston, Texas on Saturday night. A Houston Police Department source confirmed Iyanna’s arrest to HollywoodLife , however, other details were not disclosed as the investigation is ongoing.
“Floyd, as a parent, I know, there’s no accounting sometimes for what our kids do. But, the least we can do is plant little seeds of their self worth in them,” Wendy said on her April 7 show. “Like, why would the heiress to the throne, at 19, get involved with a 20-year-old man with four kids and 3 babies’ moms and this hood mess?”
Wendy questioned Iyanna’s romance with rapper NBA Youngboy, whose home was location of her arrest, according to TMZ. Iyanna allegedly arrived to his home, where she confronted a woman, identified as Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, who was there with the rapper.
“I’m not saying anybody else in the world is better than the other, but when you’re a Mayweather and you’re 19, better than this,” Wendy continued, noting that Iyanna “can have any guy.”
Following news of her arrest, Wendy went on to explain why she believes Iyanna should serve time behind bars.
“They need to give her at least 8 [years in prison]…. because she sent a woman to the hospital for no good reason when that bed could’ve been sued for a corona[virus] victim,” the host said about the current global health crisis.
“See, that’s where my mind goes every time… To go to the hospital and take up our valued medical people’s time to deal with the slashing of some girl,” she continued, adding that NBA Youngboy along with Jacobs could also use “jail time.”
The host concluded, noting that Iyanna “needs to carry all this weight” of the incident that occurred on April 4.

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