‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Kristen Learns She’s Not Invited To Tom & Katie’s 2nd Wedding

Kristen knew that her friendship with Katie and Stassi was fractured, but she didn't know it was so bad that she wouldn't get invited to Katie's second wedding.

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Katie Maloney is so over Kristen Doute — so much so, in fact, that she didn’t even invite her to her second wedding. And Kristen didn’t find out about the Las Vegas ceremony until Lisa Vanderpump accidentally spilled the beans during a meeting for “Witches Of Weho” at Villa Blanca.

During the April 7 episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie and Stassi met up with Kristen to discuss an upcoming event for their wine company. And when Lisa came over to the girls to say hello, she dropped a few hints about the wedding without knowing Kristen wasn’t invited. Kristen didn’t ask any questions, but later in the episode, when she was alone, she called Scheana to ask about it. And that’s when Scheana confirmed Kristen’s biggest worry — Katie and Tom were planning to officially get married again in Vegas, after he failed to file the proper paperwork the first time around, and Kristen wasn’t invited.

Katie couldn’t believe that after being a bridesmaid at Kati’es first wedding, she wouldn’t get invited to the second one. “This is super hurtful. Honestly, Katie’s just being a b****,” Kristen said during her confessional, before adding, “I feel like Katie has tunnel vision sometimes. It’s Katie’s world of problems and we’re all f***ing revolving around it.” But despite her feelings, Kristen had not yet gotten invited to the wedding by the time the episode ended. 

On a happier note, Beau privately revealed his plans to propose to Stassi. Despite telling Stassi that he needs “time” before taking that next step in their relationship, he told Tom and Katie that he’s been working on his proposal for six months already and he plans on asking her to marry him in a cemetery. While that may seem odd to some, Katie said it couldn’t be a more perfect way to ask Stassi to marry him. And he’s doing so with a Tiffany & Co. ring handed down from his dad and aunt. How amazing, right?

In other — more minor — Vanderpump Rules news, Lisa reprimanded Danica for having a bad attitude at work and messing up on two different people’s orders, while Brett set his sights on a newly single Dayna, despite Scheana’s emotional objections.

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