‘ 7 Little Johnstons’ Preview: Jonah Is Forced To Leave School After Failing Math — Watch

Jonah breaks the news to his mom that he's been asked to 'resign' from school after failing math in this EXCLUSIVE preview of '7 Little Johnstons.' Trent is determined to get his son back on track.

Jonah has some game-changing news to tell his mom in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 7 episode of 7 Little Johnstons, and he’s not looking forward to it. “I found out that I didn’t do well in math and I am now, like, asked to resign from the campus,” Jonah tells his mom. Amber is shocked, to say the least. Amber wants to know whether or not he was told he was on academic probation last semester. Jonah says he was just told to bring his math grade up.

Amber is understandably “disappointed” in her eldest son. Trent comes and sits by Amber, who explains what has happened with Jonah and school. “I know there may be some struggles with studies,” Trent tells Jonah. “I understand that. I had struggles with studies and I’m not going to sit here and I’m never, ever going to beat down on you for studies because I had the same problems.”

However, Trent is not going to allow Jonah to just sit around and do nothing. Tent wants Jonah to help his mom around the house until he “buckles down” and figures out what he wants to do.

Trent believes this will help create a better lifestyle for Jonah and give him some needed structure. He warns Jonah that “procrastination and laziness creates a lifestyle that sets the tone for you for the rest of your life.” Trent admits that he doesn’t think Jonah is solely struggling with academics. He thinks there’s more to this that just Jonah’s studies. The series 7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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