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‘RHOA’ Stars NeNe Leakes & Kim Zolciak Reveal Why They Finally Ended Their Feud

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak have put their beef in the past to host a new Instagram Live show, 'Cocktails After Dark.' The pair also revealed they had 'too much history' to keep fighting.

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NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak
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What beef? NeNe Leakes, 52, and Kim Zolciak, 41, left behind their days of feuding to join forces for a new Instagram Live show called Cocktails After Dark, which launched on April 3! “Before we get started, a lot of you guys have been asking ‘how did you and Kim get back together?’ And I wanted to wait for you to get here, Kim, to explain” NeNe began. “As most of you guys know, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and for me — I just realized life is too short. Kim’s son had an accident and I just felt like we should move on,” NeNe revealed, referencing her 65-year-old husband Gregg Leakes ongoing health issues and Kim’s son Kash being attacked by a dog.

“I agree, between Kash being bit by a dog, Gregg being sick — life is too short, and life can just change in an instant and it just wasn’t really worth hanging onto that anger or irritation,” Kim agreed. NeNe went on to note that the duo hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. “Kim and I have not seen each other since the last reunion [three years ago] when we sat beside each other. That was the last time saw each other. I didn’t even realize it had been that long,” NeNe added, noting that they have “a lot of history.”

The ladies left the past in the past for the rest of the fun and lighthearted chat, kicking back with their cocktails of choice: Moet & Chandon bubbles for NeNe and a glass of wine for Kim (which also included a hilarious detour where the ladies both admitted they can’t handle tequila). It was so sweet to see Kim and NeNe reflecting on the good times, including when they first met over 13 years ago! “You’re the only person I know that comes to the gym and was talking so much trash. With your Juicy outfit and all your jewelry,” NeNe laughed. “I remember I had everyone in the gym laughing — and that’s where I met NeNe — at the gym. I was running around the gym with a cigarette in my mouth,” Kim added.

The ladies both looked fantastic for the at-home talk show, with NeNe rocking a low cut red blouse, a printed silk headscarf and gold jewelry. “I have to do my own makeup these days!” she joked. Kim also looked flawless with her blonde hair and a glam makeup look. “I did [my makeup] myself! That’s why I’m a few minutes late!” the KAB Cosmetics founder revealed.

Fans were understandably puzzled after the rivals announced their new show on the same day of its launch. “Huh?? I’m so confused,” one fan wrote under NeNe’s post, while another follower wrote, “Never seen this coming.” NeNe and Kim’s constant beefing since Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — which reached its climax in Season 10 — could’ve easily overshadowed Kim’s olive branch in June of 2018.

It was that summer that NeNe revealed her husband Gregg Leakes‘ devastating cancer diagnosis. Despite their rocky relationship, Kim reached out to NeNe — a gesture that NeNe appreciated and even mentioned on Instagram!

NeNe and Kim’s past feud came to a peak in Oct. 2017. Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann, 23, filmed a Snapchat video in NeNe’s bathroom, in an attempt to prove that there were allegedly cockroaches in the Bravo star’s bathroom. In a Season 10 episode of RHOA, Kim also claimed in a cast group text that NeNe’s home was infested with the bugs. NeNe swiftly denied the accusation, and even called Brielle and Kim “racists” for making the claim. Kim reacted to the reaction by claiming to hire legal counsel. A lawsuit never panned out, though — and here we are now, with NeNe and Kim deciding to become co-hosts!