‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Schwartz & Katie’s Relationship Nearly Implodes After A Prank Battle

After Katie refused to laugh at a prank involving the police, Tom Schwartz became pretty upset. Believe it or not, he actually told his wife that he's 'never been more turned off' by her.

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Forget about “Tequila Katie”. Tom Schwartz proved that he’s the one with the cruelest mouth while drunk, during the March 31 episode of Vanderpump Rules. It all started when Tom Sandoval and Max toilet papered Jax’s house in honor of his 40th birthday. Initially, the two Toms tried framing Stassi and Beau for their mischievous behavior, but in the end, they fessed up to the prank. But that later led to Jax wanting to retaliate. So with the help of Randall, they staged a full-on arrest at Tom Sandoval and Ariana‘s house, during which the police came in and handcuffed Tom Sandoval for “vandalizing” Jax’s house. Jax acted totally clueless until after Tom was already comfortable in the back of the police car. But once he and Randall let everyone in on the joke, Tom Sandoval burst into laughter and felt “honored” that he was the target of their epic prank.

Unfortunately for them, however, not everyone felt the same way. Katie Maloney made it very clear that she didn’t like how the prank involved the police. And while Ariana agreed to a certain extent, the blowback went Katie’s way. And the one spewing the venom at her was none other than her own husband, Tom Schwartz, who appeared to be pretty intoxicated. He basically said that he didn’t care how she felt and the fact that she was even speaking out against the prank at all made him become “turned off” by her.

Tom Sandoval tried shutting Tom Schwartz up, but the damage was already done. And Schwartz went even further by saying “that’s why I don’t have sex with her”. Yikes. Katie looked mortified, and she tried leaving the house. However, Tom Schwartz followed her and somewhat attempted to apologize, but she wanted nothing to do with him, so she went back inside, while Schwartz stayed out front.

In other Vanderpump Rules news, Brett insulted Scheana while interviewing her for his YouTube channel (he said she was “middle-aged” and called her a “f*** girl”), Katie hosted a girls’ night with a guest list that didn’t include Kristen, Raquel stood up for James when Lala questioned his sobriety, and Lisa traveled home to England to attend her mother’s funeral.
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