‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Amber Has Suicidal Thoughts After Andrew Tries To Move James To CA

Amber Portwood's custody battle took a turn during the March 31 episode of 'Teen Mom OG', when she learned that Andrew petitioned to move their son, James, to California.

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Amber Portwood broke down in tears quite a few times during the March 31 episode of Teen Mom OG, and she leaned on her ex, Gary Shirley, to get her through those tough moments. Following her successful court hearing two weeks ago, Amber learned that her most recent ex, Andrew Glennon, had petitioned to move their son, James, to California. After discovering that painful news, she called Gary because he saved her life when she tried committing suicide several years ago, and she felt he was the best person to help her amid her new suicidal thoughts.

Later, during a private conversation with his wife, Kristine, Gary said that he talked Amber off the ledge by reminding her that their daughter, Leah, needs her. He and Kristine both shed their own tears while talking about Amber’s situation, and then he helped her again when she saw that Andrew had leaked a private conversation they had. In the audio clip, which made its rounds online when it first emerged in Sept. 2019, Amber could be heard telling Andrew she wanted to kill him.

So after hearing it, Amber broke down in tears and called Gary, saying she couldn’t believe that Andrew would “smear” her like that. She claimed her behavior was a result of her postpartum depression, and she didn’t want their son, James, to hear it one day and blame himself for her actions. Gary, once again, did his best to make Amber feel better, but he, too, also shed some tears while listening to her sob on the other end of their phone call.

In other Teen Mom OG news, Cheyenne threw her first fundraising event for VLCAD support (and Cory was late), Maci asked her city to turn on teal lights at night for PCOS Awareness Month, and Mackenzie tried to file for divorce, but Josh refused to sign. He also sort of proposed to her again. Oh yeah, and Tyler and Catelynn bailed their friend, Ashley, out of jail after she broke her probation, however, Tyler wasn’t too excited about it.

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