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Principal Dancer At NYCB Tiler Peck Shares Her Stretch & Strengthening Tips While In Quarantine

Want to train with the Principal Dancer of the New York City Ballet? Now is your chance! Tiler Peck shared with HL her tips!

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Tiler Peck
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Image Credit: Erin Baiano

When Tiler Peck left her NYC apartment to get home to her family in California amid the Coronavirus pandemic, she packed only a few items, excluding the leotards and shorts that are her typical daily uniform as the Principal Dancer of the New York City Ballet. “My mom has a dance studio, and she sells my line of leotards, so she had about four that people hadn’t bought that were my size, and then I was using her leggings, but I always do class with shorts — so if you look closely, my shorts in my Live videos aren’t even, because I cut my mom’s leggings,” Tiler laughed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “I think it just makes it even more like realistic, everybody’s kind of going through this right now.”

Tiler, who recently returned to the NYCB in November following six months of rehabbing a neck injury, found herself devastated to be out of the game once again due to the novel virus outbreak. “That was the longest time I’d ever been off. I had just gotten back to performing in November and the last thing I want to do is go back to being out of shape,” she explained. This prompted the ballerina to start to livestream her own Ballet classes and training on her Instagram Live. “I was going to be doing these classes every day for myself, for my own sanity, and for my own physical health, then I thought, ‘There are probably so many people in the same boat who can’t go to their normal classes,'” Tiler said.

Using the hashtag #TurnItOutWithTiler, the 31-year-old records herself training from home on Instagram Live, Monday-Friday at 10am PST/1pm EST. Then, her many followers have the chance to share their own practice, which Tiler will critique and correct! “I tell them to send them little videos or things so I can individually correct them because it’s hard not being able to see somebody,” she explained. ” I feel like people really enjoy that and it’s a way for everybody to see who they’re dancing with.”

Tiler shared an EXCLUSIVE video with HollywoodLife.com readers, showing her Stretch & Strengthening practice. “Ballet is honestly the best workout in itself. Nothing gets you fit more fit than that, and you use muscles that you wouldn’t normally do in a workout class,” she said. ” I always think I want to elongate my muscles for ballet, so that’s why the stretches that I’m doing.”

Be sure to tune in to Tiler’s IG Live workouts everyday!