‘RHOC’s Emily Simpson Reveals How She’s Keeping Off 15 Lb. Weight Loss Despite Snacking While Quarantined

Emily Simpson showed off an impressive weight loss when she took to Instagram on March 19 and the 'RHOC' star exclusively tells HL how she's staying fit.

Emily Simpson weight loss update
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Emily Simpson, 44, isn’t letting those quarantine snacks sabotage her weight loss goals! The Real Housewives of Orange County star previously revealed an impressive 15-pound weight loss at the first ever BravoCon in New York City on Nov. 15 and is now dishing EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife on how she’s finding balance between working out while still enjoying herself. The Bravo star explained, “Well, yesterday my plan was to eat healthy, but then my in-laws dropped off pizza, so I had pizza. So there was that. But then I felt so guilty I ate pizza that I did like three sets of squats, and then shoulder presses, and push-ups and I did a whole bunch of working out, too.”

“So I try to counter balance it,” Emily revealed. “I think my day is really filled with snacks. I’ll eat an apple, but then I’ll eat the rest of my kids Goldfish that they didn’t finish. And then I’ll eat like a turkey sandwich and then I’ll eat chips because my kids want chips. It’s like a combination between healthy and then the rest of my kids’ snacks is basically what it is.” The reality star is a proud mom to four-year-old twin boys, Luke and Keller, and six-year-old daughter, Annabelle.

Emily confessed, “I feel like I’m okay with eating the snacks during the day or not eating as healthy because I am consistently working out almost every day and being active.” However, the lawyer confessed, “I really honestly don’t weigh myself very often and I definitely don’t want to do it during this quarantine period because I’ve been eating more than normal, which I think probably the population is in the same boat. But I have stayed really active because my trainer makes me work out with her.”

But Emily says she’s “okay with that” because “I know I can get back down and my trainer’s relentless so she’ll bother me constantly.” The busy mom admits that she’s “stayed really active” because her trainer Paulina Stein “makes” Emily work out with her. She joked, “I’m like, ‘I don’t want to,’ and she’s like, ‘No, we’re doing it.’ And then the next thing I know she’ll post something about how we’re working out three times a week and what time.

Emily continued, “I’m like, ‘Damn it.’ So it’s good because I feel like it keeps me in pretty good shape because last week we worked out four times and it’s a pretty intense workout. So I think that’s how I keep the weight off going forward. It’s definitely not by having some miraculously clean diet because I’m really not good at that. It’s my consistency with working out.”

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