Kylie Jenner Reveals Whether She’d Ever Forgive A Cheating Boyfriend In New Video With Her BFFs

During a YouTube game, Kylie Jenner didn't hesitate to admit whether or not she'd show mercy to a disloyal partner. She revealed her answer after a source told HollywoodLife that Kylie's still 'hooking up' with Travis Scott!

Kylie Jenner, 22, knows how she feels about cheaters! The makeup mogul revealed this stance while playing a game called “Most Likely To” with her squad members — Anastasia Karanikolaou, 22, Victoria Villarroel, 28, and Yris Palmer, 29 — for her YouTube channel. Although the video dropped on March 27, the game was filmed before social distancing orders went into effect (so don’t worry). A question was presented in every round, and the ladies held up a print-out of one of their BFFs’ heads to answer who would “most likely” do whatever was presented in that given scenario. Question 11 asked this: “Most likely to forgive a cheating partner?”

“None of us,” Stassie immediately said, laughing. But Kylie had a few more words to say! “Yeah, honestly…f–k that,” Kylie said, serving the fiercest sass we’ve ever seen on her YouTube channel! She added, “Next question.”

Now you know Kylie won’t stand for a wandering eye! However, Kylie is still single — so such worries are irrelevant now. Her nephew Mason Disick confirmed that she and Travis Scott, 27, are not back together, after Kourtney Kardashian’s 10-year-old son made this announcement in an Instagram Live session (without permission) on March 24! Later, a source clarified to HollywoodLife what’s exactly going on between Stormi Webster’s parents, who never fail to confuse fans with their close relationship.

“Kylie & Travis have a really strong connection and continue that but they don’t consider themselves in an exclusive relationship at this time and are currently hooking up but nothing more,” the insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife on March 27. “They have so much love and respect for one another but they seem to want different things long term. Kylie’s family understands this and supports her and they’ll always love and include Travis on things because they consider him family. They don’t fight and they get along great especially for the sake of [their 2-year-old daughter] Stormi.”

Before Kylie and Travis’ breakup was reported in Oct. 2019, a report once claimed that Kylie accused Travis of cheating on her (supposedly leading to the cancellation of his concert in Buffalo, NY in Feb. 2019). The rapper’s rep “strongly” denied the report at the time — and as you can now see, Kylie clearly doesn’t put up with infidelity, anyways!

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