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‘RHONY’ Alum Heather Thomson Teases A Full-Time Return To The Show: ‘Never Say Never’

Heather Thomson chatted with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about her thoughts on possibly returning full-time to 'The Real Housewives of New York City' someday!

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“I’m going to go with that phrase never say never,” Heather Thomson, 49, told HL after being asked if she’ll ever hold an apple again on RHONY. “But since I’ve left, I’ve been really happy making cameos. Popping in to say hi when it’s right, but not being beholden to that toxicity. It’s really, for me, 360 life … When things stop being fun, you got to start to question that. If I’m not enjoying this, why am I still doing it? It could be a career, it could be a reality show, it could be whatever.  It doesn’t make it easy to just switch on a dime, but you have to start to say, what’s really going to feed my soul and what’s taking away from it? And the Housewives took away from me, personally. I got too vested in it. I wanted people to be better people. I wanted them to be standup citizens.”

She continued, “When I first was on the show and getting to know them, and they were like, ‘What are these people?’ They were almost like interesting to me. I wanted to get to know them. Then when it stopped being interesting and it just was like, ‘Wow, I think I know what I know,’ I was like, ‘I got to go.’ That’s why I say never say never because if something had to change with the cast or Andy (Cohen) made a proposal to me that included more than just me coming back, I would maybe be interested.”

Heather, who was part of RHONY full-time for seasons 5 through 7, then revealed who she would want back with her should she decide to give it a go-ahead again. “Carole (Radziwill) and I always have a great time together. To this day, still to this moment, we truly are friends and we engage together on an interesting level because we’re actually very different. You know what I mean? It’s kind of we’re fun to watch because it’s not like watching the same person. You know? Carole would hate for me to say this, but even like Aviva (Drescher), give her another shot. You know what I mean? She was good.”

Heather Thomson
Heather Thomson on the red carpet. Credit: Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock

Heather also dished on her love of EmerginC during our interview. “EmerginC and the Rawceuticals line, their collections were obvious ways for me to look at a company that was going to do good for me but also gave back to the environment. I loved getting the packaging. I loved getting my seeds. I loved that I was planting trees when I was buying the product. That really all mattered to me, that it was a responsible company. “