Jenelle Evans Reveals How She’s Co-Parenting Son With Ex Nathan Griffin Amid Quarantine

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans has revealed her son Kaiser, whom she shares with ex Nathan Griffin, has been FaceTiming his dad while self-isolating in North Carolina.

Jenelle Evans has revealed how she’s been co-parenting with her ex Nathan Griffin amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Teen Moms 2 star, 28, shares a son Kaiser, 5, with her former flame, and posted a YouTube Q&A on March 21 to address her fans’ burning questions. “How is co-parenting with Nathan?” she read out loud, while rolling her eyes. “It’s fine, he hasn’t seen Kaiser much since we moved back to North Carolina because he’s in Florida and his mom is in Tennessee, so Kaiser just FaceTimes with Nathan as of right now.” The mom-of-two also added, “Of course the virus is going on, but Nathan lives in Florida so… that’s on him.” Very shady!

In the Q&A, Jenelle also explained that she’s giving her husband David Eason another chance. It comes just five months after writing “I am scared for my life and my children’s well-being” while filing for a temporary restraining order against David, the father of Jenelle’s daughter Ensley, 3. In the Q&A, the reality star confessed, “So while I was in Tennessee, I’m not going to lie. I contacted David first and I told him, ‘I said I’m sorry.’” If you’re confused what Jenelle was apologizing for, apparently David was too. “He contacted me back, saying, ‘[Apologizing] for what?’ And I said I think we ended things abruptly and I think we need to try to work things out for our family and our marriage,” Jenelle continued. “And he said, “Okay.”

As fans will recall, Jenelle had temporarily moved off her and David’s shared home in North Carolina — nicknamed “The Land” — to live in Nashville, Tennessee following their brief split in the fall of 2019. At the time, Jenelle had been dealing with one dramatic episode after another. David publicly admitted to killing her dog in May of 2019, which was soon followed by the parents temporarily losing custody of both Ensley and Kaiser. During the YouTube clip, Jenelle also backtracked on her allegations of abuse that she made while filing for the temporary restraining order. “I want to tell you guys that David has never abused the children, he’s never abused me,” she insisted.

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Jenelle Evans Reveals Is Co-Parenting With Ex Nathan Griffin. Image: Elder Ordonez /

This is definitely a plot twist in Jenelle and David’s roller coaster of a relationship. When HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY spoke with David on Feb. 15, he insisted their reunion wasn’t romantic: “Jenelle and I are not back together, but really just trying to work on our friendship.”

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