‘This Is Us’ Recap: Kevin’s Life Is Changed Forever & A New Flash-Forward Scene Reveals Major Twists

'This Is Us' dropped twist after twist in the season 4 finale. From a huge Kevin bombshell to a big decision on Toby and Kate's part, nothing will be the same after this.

This Is Us
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Jack and Lucy are awaiting the arrival of their first child. Their baby is a few days late. Jack sings to Lucy and his baby to help pass the time. Suddenly, Lucy’s water breaks. They head to the hospital and find out they’re having a girl.

A woman we’ve never met before is walking around an art gallery. Her co-worker tries to make a move on her and she tells him that going on a date right now would be a bad idea. He thinks she’s hung up on the famous one-night-stand she had. She doesn’t reveal the identity of her mystery man but says he’s a movie star.

In the present day, it’s time to celebrate baby Jack’s first birthday. The entire family is coming together. The day before the party, Kevin heads to an AA meeting. He calls Nicky, who has gotten a gift for baby Jack. Jack’s birthday also happens to be the one-year anniversary of Kevin getting sober. When Kevin and Randall get to Kate and Toby’s place, they have a talk about Rebecca. Randall doesn’t tell Kevin about the update. Once Rebecca has the family together, she says that she’s changed her mind. Kevin is stunned. He asks her whether or not this is what she really wants. When it’s just the Big Three, Randall lies to Kate and Kevin about talking to Rebecca behind their backs.

Kate, Toby, and Jack go to their own thing on Jack’s birthday. They head to the hospital and look in on the NICU. Toby brings up the idea of adopting a baby girl so Jack has a sister. They take a moment to think about it but ultimately decide to adopt. The girl from the art gallery is actually Jack’s sister. She’s right by Jack and Lucy’s side as they welcome their baby girl, Hope.

Turns out, Madison is pregnant! She’s pretty shocked because she never thought she’d have children because of her past with bulimia. Her doctor wonders why she’s come to these appointments alone. She hasn’t told Kevin yet. She knows he comes from a long line of great love stories. “This would not be what he wants,” Madison says. “There’s no way he’d want this.”

Kevin tells Rebecca that he is shocked by her change of heart about St. Louis. When she mentions that it’s an “investment in my future,” he realizes that Randall said the same thing. Beth knows what’s about to go down and tells Rebecca to get the girls and Miguel so they can leave.

Kevin immediately confronts Randall about it. “I did whatever I needed to do to give our mother the best shot,” Randall says. Kevin refuses to back down. Madison shows up at the worst possible time, but she needs to talk to Kevin. She tells him that she’s pregnant and will be going through with it. She says she won’t ask anything of Kevin. “You can still find the great love story you deserve,” Madison tells him. Kevin is stunned, to say the least. He asks to take a breather so he can finish with Randall. But they’re not done talking.

Kevin walks outside and continues his fight with Randall, who calls Kevin selfish. Their fight reaches a breaking point. Kevin tells Randall that he would have walked through fire to save their dad. Randall reminds Kevin that he wasn’t there during the fire, so he has no idea what he would have done. Randall says that Jack died ashamed of Kevin while feeling only pride for Randall. Kevin decides to go for the jugular. “I always think the worst thing to happen to me was the day that dad died,” he says. “It was the day they brought you home. Hand to God, the worst thing to ever happen to me was the day they brought you home.” YIKES.

Kevin goes back to Madison to finish their conversation. “I’m all in, Madison,” he says. “Whatever you need, I am all in.” He wants to be a father. “The love of my life will be my child,” he says. Madison drops the bombshell that she’s actually pregnant with twins!

In the flash-forward, Kevin comes into Rebecca’s room. Nicky is married and so is Kevin. Kevin walks in and his daughter(!) soon follows. The episode ends with Kevin putting his hand on Randall’s shoulder. There is hope after all.

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