Barry’s Is Offering Free At-Home Workouts During Coronavirus Quarantine

As millions of Americans sit at home while quarantining themselves to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, fitness companies like Barry's are offering free at-home workouts to keep you moving!

Image Credit: Barry's

During the coronavirus outbreak, fitness studios have been live-streaming workout classes for free, and Barry’s is by far one of our favorite channels to watch right now. Starting last week, Barry’s started hosting multiple workouts daily, live on Instagram, for free. Did we mention they’re free? We know we’ve said it at least three times already, but we just want to make sure that sinks in — they’re free. We can’t imagine what we’d do without our regular Barry’s workouts right now, and we just love that they’re giving back during this difficult time. Not only because Barry’s regularly provides amazing workouts, but they also help improve mental health, which is very much needed right now. Plus, celebrities like Kim Kardashian have previously revealed they love the fitness studio’s workouts.

In a post shared on Barry’s Instagram account last week, a message read, “We miss our fit fam! Now, more than ever, it’s important to band together, support one another, keep our bodies moving, and stay connected.” This came just one day after Barry’s closed all of their red rooms across the USA and Canada. At the time, Barry’s released a statement, saying, “The health and well-being of our family at Barry’s is our top priority, and we remain dedicated to keeping you healthy and strong.”

Then, just two days later, on March 17, a workout was shared by Barry’s on Instagram and it was hosted by CEO Joey Gonzalez (pictured above). It was an amazing workout and we’ve kept up with all of their workouts on Instagram ever since. Heck, we even got Barry’s and Joey to host a workout on our Instagram account on Saturday, March 21, and many of you tuned in for it!

But just in case you missed it, we have great news for you. As we previously mentioned, Barry’s is offering complimentary IGTV workouts that you can do at home, from your favorite Barry’s trainers, which are going live 2-3 times per day (via their Instagram, @barrys). Everyday, there is one body weight workout, as well as an option that utilizes their exclusive “Band Together Fit Kit,” a package of resistance, mini, and booty bands that is available for purchase online at Exact workout times, however, will vary slightly depending on community feedback, so make sure you’re following their Instagram for all the up-to-date info.

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