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‘Teen Mom OG’ Preview: Cory & Cheyenne Disagree Over Setting Rules For Ryder — Watch

Ryder's feisty behavior is starting to cause problems for Cory and Cheyenne, and this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the March 24 episode of 'Teen Mom OG' shows how they're trying to handle it.

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Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton may typically co-parent well together, but this new EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the March 24 episode of Teen Mom OG proves that they don’t have everything under control just yet. In this one-minute clip, Cory and Cheyenne can be seen sitting on her sofa together, as they watch their daughter, Ryder, play with her toys. But soon enough, Ryder starts getting feisty and that’s when the former couple share their views on setting rules for Ryder.

“[ Do] you like your earring? It’s pretty?” Cheyenne asks Ryder before Ryder starts making noises due to the pacifier in her mouth. “You don’t care? You forgot about it already? We’ll have to go back and get the other one pierced,” she continues, and Ryder just makes more noises.

“How do you think she’s going to react when she sees a dog?” Cory asks Cheyenne, but before she can even answer him, Ryder screams in her face, and Cheyenne yells back, “Girlfriend — yes!” Then, when Ryder pointed at the TV, Cheyenne says, “Yes… it’s a spider.” But Ryder must misinterpret what Cheyenne says because she soon replies, “S***”.

“No, don’t say that,” Cheyenne tells Ryder before turning to Cory and asking, “Does she do this to you all day long [too]? All day, I get screamed at.” But Cory tells Cheyenne that Ryder doesn’t act this way with him. “You have to establish rules,” he says.

“We have rules,” Cheyenne insists, but Cory says, “No, you don’t.” To see what else happens, watch the full clip above. Want more? New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV.