LeBron James Looks Like ‘Tom Hanks In Cast Away’ After Not Trimming Beard During Quarantine

The struggle is real in the LeBron James household. After quarantine prevented him from seeing his barber, the Lakers star said his beard has him looking like a 'Castaway'-era Tom Hanks.

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“When they advise you be quarantined for fourteen days and isolated from nobody,” LeBron James, 35, said in a Mar. 18 Instagram Story, showing off his thick, bushy beard. The Los Angeles Lakers star was clearly feeling the effects of the being quarantined after likely being exposed to NBA players with the coronavirus. Rather than spread the disease, LeBron wisely isolated himself away – but the effects of this “social distancing” had his beard looking unkempt and wild. There were even a few gray hairs sprinkled all over it. “Can’t even get a haircut from my barber. They want me to stay away from him. I’m looking like Tom Hanks off Castaway.”

All LeBron needed now was to paint a handprint on a basketball and make his own Wilson (or, in this case, would it be Spalding?) Though, while King James was engaged in his Tom Hanks cosplay, his wife Savannah James, 33, was channeling “a little Whoopi Goldberg” while cutting her own hair. “She can’t even go and get hair done, so she’s going to cut them out herself. … The struggle is real here in the James Household. Gotta do what we gotta do.”

After Savannah cut out her braids herself, she modeled her DIY hairstyle. Instead of Whoopi, LeBron James thought his wife was the missing third member of Milli Vanilli, and he sang a line from “Blame It On The Rain.” On top of that, there was some bonus Zhuri James action, as viewers overheard her ask, “Are you recording, Daddy?” Despite this “struggle,” the James Gang is keeping their spirits up in this time of crisis.

Tom Hanks In’ Cast Away’ (Moviestore/Shutterstock)

LeBron is under quarantine after four Brooklyn Nets players (including Kevin Durant) tested positive for coronavirus. The Lakers played the Nets on Mar. 10, their last game before the NBA suspended its season as part of the efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19. LeBron and the rest of the Lakers were tested on Mar. 18, and now they’re waiting to hear back on the results.

As for LeBron’s “Quarantine Twin,” Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were the first two major celebrities to be diagnosed with coronavirus. The two were doing pre-production work on Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Elvis Presley biopic when they came down with the disease. After a short stay in a Queensland hospital, the couple was released from the medical center to self-quarantine in their Australian home. “Good News: One week after testing Positive, in self-isolation, the symptoms are much the same. No fever but the blahs,” Tom said in a Mar. 18 update. “We are all in this together. Flatten the curve. Hanx.”

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