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Juna N Joey Take You For A County-Pop Joyride With Uplifting ‘Drive Me Crazy’

If you need to get away from all your problems, hop in. Jun N Joey has just released a new song, 'Drive Me Crazy,' and they tell us why it's all about celebrating those 'special' connections that make life worth living.

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In these times of chaos and uncertainty, the right song can mean a world of difference. Like a ray of audio sunlight, Juna N Joey —  the brother and sister act that recently turned heads on America’s Most Musical Family – have dropped a new track to help brighten your day. “Drive Me Crazy,” premiering here on HollywoodLife, captures the young duo’s refreshing songwriting and showcases the undeniable charisma of these two rising stars. “Drive Me Crazy” is the perfect soundtrack to those road-trips with your bestie, that long-weekend vaycay with your better half, or for those daydreams when you can only imagine getting away.

“‘Drive Me Crazy’ is a song we co-wrote in Nashville with Austin French,” the duo tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It is a song about that special person that drives you nuts with every little thing that they do, but you love them, and it is what keeps you connected.” The band also added that they’ll be headed back to Music City to finish their EP. While in Nashville, Juna N Joey will work with Ken Royster, the producer who has worked with such acts as Luke Combs, Billy Currington, Cole Swindell, and the Emmy Award-Wining Darby Ledbetter.

Musical talent runs in the family for Juna N Joey. Both their grandfathers were professional musicians, with one an opera singer from Italy and the other a member of a famous country band. “I went to one of her [piano] lessons one day, and I was singing on the couch, and she was like, wait, can you sing?” Joey told WPTV in 2019.

Credit Joey’s mother for this, as she persuaded him to pursue this talent after hearing him sing in a choir. From there, the West Palm Beach siblings enrolled in the Bak School of the Arts, then the prestigious Dreyfoos School of the Arts, where they were classically trained. In a move to make their grandfather proud, the duo realized they were destined for the Country Pop world after joining the School of Rock, and thus, Juna N Joey was born.

The band blew up organically on YouTube, thanks to their covers of popular songs. They’ve amassed over 54 million collective views with their musical stylings. “I’ll do a solo in a song, and she’ll do the harmonies, and sometimes she does the solo,” Joey told WPTV, and his sister added, “We switch off between who has the lead of the song and who has harmonies.”

Their follower count is about to blow up. After making a splash by coming in runner-up on Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family, this brother-sister band is taking their musical skills to America’s Got Talent. Keep your eyes peeled next season, and your ears open for new music from these young stars.