‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Shay Apologizes For Mocking Quarantine Advisories: ‘I’m Wrong’

Scheana Shay insisted she's not going to live her life 'in complete isolation or fear' amid the coronavirus outbreak. Now, the 'Vanderpump Rules' star is apologizing for wanting to quarantine with friends.

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Scheana Shay
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Scheana Shay, 34, is singing a much different tune — AKA, drafting apology statements — after insisting it’s okay to invite “healthy” friends to quarantine with her amid the coronavirus outbreak. On March 15, the Vanderpump Rules star took to Twitter and Instagram to reveal that she has quickly changed her mind after returning to the U.S. from Canada. “For those who expressed concern or viewed my remarks as insensitive, I had just returned from a work trip and wasn’t fully updated on the pandemic. I now understand the severity of our current predicament. Please stay safe, and wash your damn hands!,” Scheana posted on Twitter.

Explaining her changed attitude, Scheana added in another tweet on March 16, “Legit did not realize the severity of this all til I got home, tried to get groceries, researched & spoke to several people today. I am not a person who regularly watches the news. I do not go on social media to read the news. It’s all just so negative.” In another tweet, she added, “I’ve never been above admitting when I’m wrong. I am thankful for the moments from people trying to tear me down bc I can learn from my mistakes and better myself.”

Scheana’s wake-up call was realizing that “bars, gyms and restaurants” are now being closed (although takeout and delivery is allowed), an order that is going into effect in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Meanwhile, major retailers like Nike and Apple are closing their doors nationwide. Now that Scheana is on-board with people trying to stop the new coronavirus’s infection, she revealed her new plans! “So I’m taking this seriously and whether I’m self-quarantining in my apartment in Marina Del Rey or getting in my car and driving to Palm Springs is yet to be decided,” the Bravo star said in an Instagram Story video filmed inside her home — alone — on March 16.


Just two days prior, Scheana wanted to entertain guests in Palm Springs. “Any of my friends working from home this week should come join me for a Palm Springs quarantine!” Scheana tweeted on March 14. Fans felt like it was a slap in the face amid the public’s efforts to to flatten the curve of the new coronavirus’s alarming infection rates. Instead of immediately apologizing, Scheana fought against the backlash with tweets like, “I will continue to live my life in Palm Springs or MDR w my friends and not live it in complete isolation or fear. Simple as that. Call me ‘ignorant’ but I’m not gonna stop living!”

Although hanging out indoors with friends may seem harmless, people can carry the new coronavirus and be asymptomatic. Donald Trump even urged Americans to stay away from groups of 10 people or more on March 16. So, cancel those kickback plans if you’re in a tight crew like the Vanderpump Rules cast!

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