Stephen Curry Tested For Coronavirus After Feeling Ill: See Official Diagnosis

Has the coronavirus contaminated one of the best ballers in the NBA? After Steph Curry sat out a Golden State Warriors game with an illness, he was tested for COVID-19, and the results are in.

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Don’t worry, Oakland. Steph Curry, 31, is going to be okay. After missing 58 games due to an injury, the Golden State Warriors star missed the team’s Mar. 7 game against the Philadelphia 76ers due to an illness. With coronavirus fears running rampant, the team reassured fans that Steph is fine…sorta. “This morning, Stephen Curry was diagnosed with influenza A by a positive viral testing,” said Golden State Warriors’ Team Physician Dr. Robert Nied in a statement. “We have identified his probable source contact who is not part of basketball operations. He has no specific risk factors for COVID-19.”

“He has the seasonal flu. We have begun treatment for Stephen and instituted our team protocol for influenza exposure,” the doctor added. So, on the one hand, Steph doesn’t have COVID-19, aka coronavirus. However, on the other hand, he has the flu, which can be just as bad. Warriors coach Steve Kerr told reporters during his pregame availability that Curry was tested for COVID-19 (“I believe so,” per NBC Sports.) Curry was ruled out on that day’s illness report, but it seemed that the team didn’t need Steph to put away the Sixers. The Warriors prevailed, 118-114, with Damion Lee, 27, putting up 24 points.

Unfortunately, this case of the flu has derailed Steph’s long-awaited return to the game. He was out for more than four months with a broken left hand. He returned on Mar. 5 in the Warriors’ game against the defending NBA Champions (and the team that beat the Dubs for the title) the Toronto Raptors. Steph hit a 17-footer for his first basket back, and he finished the game with 23 points and seven assists. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to secure the win, and the Raptors took the 121-113 victory, while also securing a playoff spot.

“It feels like the first day of school pretty much all over again,” Steph said before his return, according to The Guardian. “It’s kind of just getting back to enjoying playing basketball at the highest level. There’s a process to that.” Well, after his “first day of school,” Steph had to take a sick day to deal with the flu.

In addition to testing Steph for coronavirus, the team announced it was implementing several procedures to protect anyone attending an event at the Chase Center. The cleaning staff has been added to each event and, according to NBC Sports, are “are strictly dedicated for wiping down surfaces, along with using hospital-grade disinfectant spray throughout the arena.” Elevator attendants are equipped with wipe containers and are sanitizing elevators regularly. Every seat is being wiped down and disinfected before and following each event. All doors and doors handles are being cleaned. Extra soap has been placed in the restrooms, and hand-sanitizer is available throughout the arena.