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FredRarrii Reveals His Favorite Song On Debut EP ‘Perfect Timing’: That Song’s ‘My Story’

With his major-label debut, FredRarrii has kicked his career in high gear. The Miami rapper shares his favorite track on 'Perfect Timing,' how his collab with DaBaby came to be, and why his favorite NFL player is Tom Brady.

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Five days after FredRarrii dropped Perfect Timing, the Miami rapper was feeling on top of the world. “Yeah, still kind of like it ain’t hit me yet. It ain’t hit me yet, but I’m definitely starting to feel it, though. I feel great,” he said to HollywoodLife, taking a moment to bask in the fact that he has a project on a major label. Just two years into the rap game, it’s easy to see why it hadn’t hit FredRarrii yet, and how this rush of success could feel like a dream. When asked when it would start to feel like it was real, like he arrived, FredRarrii had a simple reply. “Probably when everybody just goes crazy.”

The world is about to go crazy for FredRarrii. Perfect Timing showcases the fire flow and attitude that Rarrii developed while under the tutelage of rapper YFN Lucci. “I met Lucci a couple of years ago. A friend called me and said Lucci wanted to pull up in the projects from Pork & Beans [aka the Liberty Square housing projects) in Miami-Dade County. Lucci pulled up, and I built a relationship through him since that day.”

“I was just chilling around Lucci about a good two years, just flying with him, going to a different city, different states,” said FredRarri. “And I was just watching Lucci just get all types of money, just doing all types of stuff for his family, making big boss moves. He wasn’t robbing, he wasn’t killing, he wasn’t doing nothing illegal. So I’m like, ‘You know what, I need to rap. I need to try this out.'” Call him a quick learner. A couple years rapping, he’s signed with Epic Records, has an EP featuring DaBaby, Moneybagg Yo, Yungeen Ace, and 9lokknine. Not bad for a guy who, for a while, was more focused on sports than music.

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“I was into football. But always somehow, God always just had me around the music. I see why,” the former running back says. Despite being 100% Miami, FredRarrii is not ashamed to say that his favorite is New England Patriots icon Tom Brady. “Man, because Tom Brady was an underdog. He went in what, the sixth or seventh round?” asked Rarrii. “They looked past him. And now look at him, one of the greatest of all time. In the toughest and hardest times, Tom Brady will come through. He’s just a genius. When it’s crunch time, that’s when he play. In the toughest times, he shines.”

This admiration is more than just for that Brady does on the field. Rarrii himself is an underdog, rising up to shine in crunch time. His history has its fair share of hardships. “Foster care, house to house, runaway, falsely accused of the charges I ain’t have nothing to do with. Yeah, man. There’s been a lot, a long journey, but it was perfect timing,” he says, slyly namedropping his new EP. But, it seems that being in the right place at the right time is a recurring theme of Perfect Timing’s story.

On “Hellcat,” the collab with Moneybagg Yo, Rarrii said his team reached out to him. “That’s who I heard on that record. I’m like, ‘Moneybagg Yo got to get on here.’ And I’m a fan of Moneybagg Yo and plus Moneybagg Yo have a Hellcat himself. S, I definitely was like, “Yo, we got to get Moneybagg Yo on here.” So my team reached out to Moneybagg, and that’s how we made that happen. And the DaBaby collab (“Wet Shit”), I ran into DaBaby in the mall.”

Yes. The mall. “Yeah, in Miami at Bal Harbor. Actually, I was 20 deep. DaBaby was probably five deep, he wasn’t deep how he usually be,” said Rarrii. The two crossed paths shortly after DaBaby was arrested on battery charges over an alleged physical altercation with a Miami promoter. “He had his hand wrapped up. So. my partner’s like, ‘Man, that’s DaBaby.’ So I’m like, “Baby!” He turned around like, ‘Oh shit.’ I’m like, ‘I guess it’s about to go down.’

“So I’m like, ‘Nah man, it’s all love. I mess with you, it’s dumb love,'” said Rarrii. “And he stopped, and he waited for me, and we chopped it up. We exchanged numbers, and I wrote him on Instagram and told him I had a record from him, and he wrote me back. He was a man to his word, and we made it happen.”

Rarrii also shows love for Florida with “Line Em Up,” a record featuring his fellow Miami rappers Yungeen Ace and 9lokknine. “Yeah, that was major. That was a major record too, a Florida record. We’re all young, we’re still in our prime, they love us. So it was like, all right, let’s put a Florida record together and put that on my project,” he says. Oddly enough, Rarrii says that despite his deep connection to Florida, he’s been told by some that when he raps, he doesn’t sound like he’s from Miami.


“They say I sound from the A, I got all types of flows, all type of swag, however, you want it. So don’t really know how to define that one right there, but I do know what Florida lacking on. We need to support each other,” he says. As to where he picked up the Atlanta swag, chalk it up to YFN Lucci. “I’ve been around Lucci and just watching Lucci in the studio. I used to be actually in the booth with him. He’ll be on the mic, and I’d be probably sitting down rolling up. So that’s probably so.”

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“I got one, a song called “Good Lord.” That’s one of my favorite songs on the EP. That’s probably one of my favorite songs — period. “Good Lord, they depending on me, I can’t blow it,'” he says. “That’s my story, man. I’m the last hope from my projects. My family had it rough their whole life. My mama and they are still going through it. My grandma and them. I got a homeboy that’s ready to get out the streets. So that line gives me the chills. ‘They depending on me, and I can’t blow it.’ I got to make it happen.”

“I’m just grinding, man,” he adds. “I’m going hard. I got three more bonus tracks I’m about to drop in three weeks with a feature with YFN Lucci. I got a new song called “Yeah Yeah” and another song called “Big Mad,” so I’m just grinding, man, just willing to work and just staying focused.” When asked what needs to happen for him to feel like he had made it, he once again keeps it real. “I hear [Pefect Riming] in the club already, I just need a plaque.”

“I want to go big on big. I want to go for the long term, not the short term,” he adds. “I want to be in the business for a long time, so I’m trying to get the plaques.”

Perfect Timing is out now.