Jamie Hannah Confesses He’s Lying In A Bed Of ‘White Lies’ In His ‘Secret Paradise’ — Listen

Can you keep a secret? For all those whose true lives are double-lives, Jamie Hannah has the song for you, delivering the soul-shaking banger of a dance track, 'Secret Paradise'

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A secret is never more powerful than when it’s hiding the truth, and that strength is the core of “Secret Paradise,” the new song from Jamie Hannah. The track, released today (Feb. 21), is an anthem for those who seek refuge in their own hidden oasis, and for those who have to keep the most essential part of their lives under wraps. “You’re the biggest part of my life /, and no one knows you’re there,” sings Jamie, a stunning confession made only more powerful when sung by his enchanting voice.

On the surface, this slice of dance-pop heaven could be interpreted as being about an unseen rendezvous, but as Jamie tells HollywoodLife, there’s more to this track than what meets the eye. ” ‘Secret Paradise’ is an ode to anyone who has lived in a parallel reality, comforted by their own safe haven of white lies,” he says when explaining the nature of the song.  “It’s that sweet illusion of relief from everything, those moments of profound intimacy with someone special against all else.”

“Special” can be said about Jamie. Classically trained at the Royal College of Music (and that was after a decade participating in the National Youth Choir of Great Britain) the young star is renowned for his heavenly 4-octave range and divine falsetto. Such star power couldn’t stay a secret for long, and he soon found himself working alongside Boy George, who signed Jamie to his label in 2019.

“Secret Paradise” is the first of many releases to come showcasing Jamie’s fully formed vision which blends orchestral arrangements with pop beats alongside his remarkable vocals. Jamie told Billboard that despite setting out on his own now, he still gets to “have [a] really great friend in” George, who has been and remains one of his fiercest supporters.

Jamie will soon show what he’s been working on, as he has an EP coming this spring. When it finally arrives, don’t keep it a secret. Tell the world.

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