‘Paternity Court’ Preview: ‘Little Women: Dallas’ Star Caylea Woodbury Argues With Her BF

Former 'Little Women: Dallas' star Caylea Woodbury and her boyfriend head to 'Paternity Court' in this EXCLUSIVE preview to talk about their child and her second pregnancy.

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Paternity Court
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Caylea Woodbury is called to Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court to settle the debate about the father of her baby boy, Lexington. Judge Lake asks Caylea’s boyfriend whether or not he thinks Lexington looks like another guy. “I feel like there are certain features,” he says. Caylea is quick to chime in, “He looks 110 percent nothing like the other men, neither man. Nothing like him.”

Judge Lake brings up that the “stakes are really high” for the former Little Women: Dallas star because she’s pregnant again. “I am,” Caylea confirms. “With the same man that laid with me the first time.” Judge Lake asks Caylea’s boyfriend what would happen if he found out Lexington wasn’t his child. “We would have a long talk resulting in me going somewhere else.”

Judge Lake is not happy with that response. “See, this is what I’m talking about. Babies are blessings but what concerns me is that if you would have that response here, why are we making more babies?” she says. Judge Lake has a point.

The Daytime Emmy-winning Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court is currently in its seventh season. The nationally syndicated daytime courtroom show featuring family lawyer and legal analyst, Judge Lauren Lake, as she presides over highly emotional cases that lead to life-changing consequences and new beginnings. Lake listens to testimony from people involved in paternity disputes, and provides guests with resources in or near their hometowns, regardless of the outcome of the DNA results. Utilizing her experience as a woman, a mother, a relationship expert and an attorney Lake has helped reunite over 800 families as they work through the problems they bring with them to court.