‘Meet The Frasers’: Psychic Medium Matt & GF Alexa Dish On Getting Engaged & Why He Feels ‘Haunted’

Psychic medium Matt Fraser and his pageant queen girlfriend, Alexa Papigiotis, teased a possible proposal for later this season, when the 'Meet The Frasers' stars dished on their exciting new show.

Image Credit: Jordan Nuttall/E! Entertainment

In the trailer for E!’s hot new reality series, Meet The Frasers, it appears as though psychic medium Matt Fraser, 28, will be proposing to his pageant queen girlfriend, Alexa Papigiotis, later this season. But when they both stopped by HollywoodLife‘s LA office for an EXCLUSIVE interview recently, the couple remained coy on whether or not they’re already engaged. “Alexa wants to get married ASAP. I think she needs to pump the frigging brakes,” Matt, whose psychic readings and family hijinks are heavily featured on the new series, jokingly told HollywoodLife, before Alexa explained, “I definitely talk about marriage and marrying Matt, maybe, like in every episode. I do.”

While she wouldn’t reveal whether or not she has an actual engagement ring yet, Alexa told us that she does have a promise ring. “I do love it, and it’s beautiful, but it’s time for an upgrade. Just like a car, you get your first car and then a good car, we need an upgrade, honey. And you know what? It’s been over three years. I think it’s just time [to get engaged]. I think you really need to like, boom, do it up. Everyone’s waiting, I’m waiting, let’s do it,” she said.

But as excited as Alexa is for that eventual proposal, Matt wants her to relax a little bit. He told us, “She needs to stay in her lane, because the problem is, is that she can’t tell me how to propose or what to do in an engagement, or whatever. You know what I mean? A relationship is two people coming together. You have to know, it’s the man’s job to propose.”

Alexa went on to explain that her dream proposal would happen at Disneyland, so if we truly do get to watch a proposal later this season, we hope Matt asked Mickey Mouse to be involved — and their families.

During our chat with Matt and Alexa, they also revealed how difficult it can sometimes be to share their lives with their families. Matt’s parents actually moved in with them during the first episode of Meet The Frasers, and that hasn’t been the easiest transition for them. “The tough part about dealing with dead people is the fact that they haunt you, but really, I’m haunted by my own family. I mean, my family does not leave us alone. They are constantly up our rear ends, like they are so far up there, I think I need a surgeon to remove them,” Matt said. And, of course, he was joking — or so we’d like to believe. But that’s also why we love their new show.

Matt is a psychic medium who can often hear dead people, but he and his girlfriend are also extremely funny and relatable. Who hasn’t had to deal with unbearable in-laws? And who hasn’t been excited to get engaged? We can’t think of anyone. We had such a fun time chatting with Matt and Alexa — watch the full interview above — and we think you’ll love their new show just as much as we do.

New episodes of Meet The Frasers air Mondays at 11pm only on E!

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