Stephanie Poetri Makes It The Best Valentine’s Day Ever With New ‘Super Cool’ Music Videos

Forget flowers. Stephanie Poetri, the charming songstress behind 'I Love You 3000,' has given the best Valentine's day present ever: two gorgeous videos for her sweet tracks, 'Do You Love Me,' and 'Touch.'

As if Valentine’s Day on a Friday could get any better, Stephanie Poetri comes along and doubles the pleasure, doubles the joy, by putting out new music! The 19-year-old songstress, known for her massive “I Love You 3000” hit, released “Do You Love Me” and “Touch” on Feb. 14, and that’s not all. In addition to making your Spotify playlists so much better, she also shared two stunning music videos for each of the new tracks. In “Do You Love Me,” Stephanie starts off “picking petals off the daisy” while “thinking about you daily,” cutely obsessing over her crush. The undeniable charm of the video is matched by the song’s undeniable beat, and the hook (“do you love me / love me /love me yeah?”) will be in your head for days.

While “Do You Love Me” addresses those days before romance fully blooms, “Touch” covers those moments after the flower has wilted. Stephanie sings from the perspective of “the broken-hearted,” of someone who realizes that she “need(s) a little bit of your touch,” but even a momentary reconnection with her lover would be “too much.” The video for this insanely clever song comes wrapped up with all the quirkiness of a Wes Anderson movie, with unforgettable images featuring Stephanie and a mannequin-like figure who shall forever remain nameless.

Both “Touch” and “Do You Love Me” demonstrate maturity and understanding beyond her years, and are magnificent follow-ups to the success of her 2019 viral hit, “I Love You 3000.” The debut single topped Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart for over 4 weeks, inspiring countless covers while garnishing over 425 million streams worldwide. Trying to write a song after such a global hit had to be intimidating, right?

“There will always be pressure not necessarily from the success of ‘I Love You 3000,'” Stephanie tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “but from my personal goal to fulfill my fans’ expectations. But, I did have to forget about all of that pressure to be able to put out genuine music. After hearing how the two new songs turned out, I’m happy and confident that I did my best with them!

Her fans would undoubtedly agree. Mere hours after the videos’ release, both “were nearing a million views each. Clearly, all the hard work Stephanie and directors Jason Ano (“Do You Love Me”) and Sarah McColgan (“Touch.”) “Shooting the music videos was definitely fun,” Stephanie tells HollywoodLife. “It was nice to see how small ideas I said in passing were executed in bigger projects! It’s such a weird feeling to see an idea you had in your head come to life. To see the videos capture my visions is actually mind-blowing and super cool.”

Evan Mulling

“Super cool” could also be used to describe Stephanie. The singer/songwriter hails from Jakarta, Indonesia. Having grown up in a family full of creatives (her mother is an acclaimed Indonesian singer and her father is a music teacher) it was only a matter of time before Stephanie found her own voice. When she did, she found a world ready to listen. “I’d love for people to fit this music into their day-to-day lives,” says Stephanie, in a statement. “If I can be part of someone’s daily soundtrack, whether they take the song as a positive or a negative, there’s nothing better.”

Stephanie’s Do You Love Me EP is out now.

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