Teddi Mellencamp Reveals Why She’s Not Nervous About Getting Her Pre-Baby Body Back After Giving Birth

During her last two pregnancies, Teddi Mellencamp was a 'nervous wreck' about snapping her post-baby body back into shape. The 'RHOBH' star EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife what has changed as she awaits the arrival of baby No. 3!

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Teddi Mellencamp
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Thanks to new steps Teddi Mellencamp, 38 has taken in her third round of pregnancy, she’s not losing sleep over losing her baby weight. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared these steps with HollywoodLife after stopping by our Los Angeles office on Jan. 23 to promote her accountability coaching program, ALL IN By Teddi! “I’m actually not nervous,” Teddi EXCLUSIVELY told us, after we asked how she feels about getting back into shape once her baby, her third with husband Edwin Arroyave, arrives. Teddi made the pregnancy announcement in Sept. 2019, meaning she’s getting closer and closer to that due date! This nonchalant attitude is new, apparently.

“I mean for the other kiddos, I was a nervous wreck,” Teddi clarified. The Bravo star admitted she “wasn’t eating healthy” and couldn’t help but notice “just how much weight [she] was gaining” before welcoming her two other children, son Cruz, 5, and daughter Slate, 7. “And the doctors are like, ‘All right, you’ve gained over the healthy amount of weight for the pregnancies.’ And blah, blah, blah. And I just [was] like, “Oh, no, what am I going to do?'” That’s not a question Teddi has to ask herself now, though.

“Really, I’ve been active this entire pregnancy. I’ve been eating well…And I know that my program works,” Teddi told us. The numbers prove this! ALL IN By Teddi is now a multi-million dollar business that has coached and guided thousands of clients into following a healthier lifestyle. Teddi continued, “And I know that it’s a lifestyle change. It’s not a diet. If you look at it like, ‘I have to dye it after the baby comes.’ Yeah. That’s where a problem is going to happen. You’re going to start psyching yourself out and making a big deal of it. I know I’m like, ‘We’ll be good.'” A positive mindset is key!

Teddi Mellencamp
Teddi Mellencamp poses with her baby bump, which carries her third child with husband Edwin Arroyave! (Photo Courtesy of Ryan West)

Part of this lifestyle change required a revamped kitchen. Teddi broke down what she ate before changing her life as an accountability coach, versus her daily meal plan now. “Before I was ALL IN, I mean breakfast was an egg and cheese biscuit. And then I’d have some sort of, then I’d have cheese and crackers as a snack,” she revealed to HollywoodLife. “And then lunch would be meeting all my mom friends with the kids, and we’d have Mexican food, but a burrito. And then dinner I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m having a salad.’ But I mean it’d be a salad with ranch dressing on it. I wasn’t feeding my body with anything that it actually needed.”

“And then once I went ALL IN, a standard day of eating for me would be breakfast, I either have egg whites with some Dave’s Killer Bread, and maybe some turkey bacon, or I have whole grain oats with a little bit of brown sugar and some berries,” Teddi continued. “And then as a morning snack I’d have some strawberries and some Clementine. And then [in the] afternoon I love making, I call them my arugula bowls, which I’ll do brown rice, arugula, avocado, cashews, peppers. Whatever I kind of have at the house and some balsamic vinegar. And then afternoon snack, [I have] peppers and hummus.”

So, what made Teddi go “all in”? That would be the curiosity and support from fans and friends who followed her Instagram account, formerly called LA Workout Junkie! “A lot of people were really there to support me or they’d be like, ‘Hey, we haven’t seen your workout today.’ Or ‘You didn’t post lunch, what was lunch?’,” Teddi explained. “And a couple of my girlfriends were like, ‘We want to change our life, but I don’t want to put it on Instagram.’ And I’m like, “Why don’t you let me do it for you? Send me proof of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and work out and I’m going to do a two week jumpstart on you.’ And they had these insane transformations. Even in two weeks. So just like that, a business was formed four years ago. Then a year after that, I booked Real Housewives and the rest is history. It’s crazy.”

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