Shakira ‘Very Likely’ To Return To ‘The Voice’ After Super Bowl: NBC Is ‘Clamoring’ To Get Her Back 

Shakira is ready to hit the ground running with new work after the success of her Super Bowl halftime performance — and, NBC has its sights set on her! We learned that the network is interested in bringing her back to the big red chair as a coach on 'The Voice'!

Shakira on the red carpet
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Coach Shakira has a nice ring to it! — Then again, it’s something The Voice fans already dubbed her in 2013 and 2014 as a coach on the popular singing competition. The Grammy-winning Colombian singer, 43, could make a triumphant return to The Voice, following the success of her Super Bowl halftime performance.

“A return to ‘The Voice’ is very likely to be one of the first things to happen for her after Super Bowl,” a source tells HollywoodLife, exclusively, noting that “NBC is clamoring to get her back in the seat.” And, she’s ready to get to work. — “In the days after the Super Bowl, while she’s been relaxing, Shakira feels the love and is looking forward to the future and what’s to come in her career,” the insider says.

Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime performance was her first big gig in quite some time. While the singer has always been a hard working mom, she’s known to lay low when it comes to the spotlight. The singer initially left The Voice to spend time with her family. But now, “Shakira’s expecting many more opportunities to come from her Super Bowl halftime, both in music and hopefully film and TV,” the source admits, adding that the mom of two is on cloud nine after the Super Bowl.

“Shakira knew that she could deliver at the Super Bowl and it has become something even more special than ever expected. It was the best birthday present to herself that she could’ve ever imagined,” the insider says. Shakira celebrated her 43rd birthday on Super Bowl Sunday.

Shakira coached on seasons four and six of The Voice in 2013 and 2014. She did not win either season.

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