‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Judge Lynn Toler Grills Cee Lo & Joseline Hernandez On Romance Issues

'Marriage Boot Camp' is back with another season of its 'Hip Hop Edition', and the Feb. 6 season premiere proved this round may be the franchise's most dramatic one yet.

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The cast on this season’s Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition may be its most exciting to date, as Cee Lo Green, Joseline Hernandez and more entered the house with their significant others on Feb. 6. Cee Lo and his fiance Shani revealed they’ve been together for eight years, and engaged for five. But their main issue is that they can’t communicate well with each other. Cee Lo, according to Shani, is stubborn. He likes to do his own thing and he doesn’t always listen. Meanwhile, he sees her as controlling. “He’s a megastar, he’s a boss,” Shani said. “If people don’t like, then that’s his attitude: they can leave.”

Later, when Judge Lynn Toler came out to talk to the couples, she told Cee Lo, “I want you to take the ‘You can leave’ out of the conversation.” Apparently, whenever Shani would tell Cee Lo that she was unhappy in the relationship, he would tell her that she can leave if she wants to. The Judge didn’t like that, and she told Cee Lo to stop saying it. Cee Lo explained that he just wants to be comfortable with his partner — yet he doesn’t want to feel like they’ve gotten complacent. So Dr. Ish said they could work on that later this season.

Meanwhile, Joseline, who used to appear on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, was showing impatience with her boyfriend Balistic Beats and wants a ring. “I want a respectful woman that treats me like a king as she treats me like a queen,” Balistic said. “You don’t put a deadline on when I should marry you”. And then she asked what he was waiting for, to which he said, “What do you mean? I make sure you and the little one are good every morning before I got to do what I got to do.” Yikes! Toler later said, “Joseline is Joseline. You cannot turn off that light bulb! It’s going to shine and sparkle. She dealt with some difficult stuff inside and out. She leveled up like a grown woman. She stood her ground, did the right thing and got it resolved.”

Want more drama? New episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition air Thursdays at 10pm on WE tv.

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