Hillary Clinton Reveals If She’ll Run For VP Amid Rumors Democratic Candidates May Ask Her

Is she running? Hillary Clinton revealed in a new 'Ellen' interview if she'd consider being vice president for a 2020 Democratic candidates, and you may not like the answer.

Hillary Clinton
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As much as she wanted it four years ago, Hillary Clinton has no desire to work at the White House any longer. While appearing on Ellen the day after President Donald Trump, her onetime electoral opponent, was acquitted in his impeachment trial, host Ellen DeGeneres asked the former Secretary of State if she’d be open to becoming the next vice president. The primaries have just begun, and candidates haven’t yet picked their potential running mates. Her short answer: absolutely not. She explained further, though, about why she wouldn’t accept if asked.

“First of all, that’s not gonna happen. No, I know,” Hillary told Ellen, laughing. “Look, it’s like when [former President] Barack Obama asked me to be secretary of state. I was shocked. I had no idea that he was going to ask me, and I turned him down twice… I said, ‘no, no, I’m happy where I am, I’m sure there’s good people around. You go ask somebody else.’ The second time I said no, he said, ‘I’m not calling you again until you say yes.’ So, I tell you, I started thinking about it.” Hillary explained that if she had won the 2008 election, she would have wanted Obama to be part of her cabinet. “So, I never say never because I believe in serving my country. But it’s not going to happen,” she stressed. Watch the full interview below!

Hillary was on the talk show to discuss her upcoming four-part Hulu docuseries, Hillary, which premieres on March 6. She also dished some details about how opening up on camera about her husband’s affair was the “gutsiest” thing she’s done personally, and stressed that if Democrats want to win in 2020, they need to back the candidate who has “the best chance at winning.” As she knows better than anyone, securing the popular vote isn’t enough. In 2016, she won three million more votes than Trump, but still lost when he got more electoral delegates on his side.

Even if you’re disappointed that Hillary won’t be on the 2020 ticket, it’s important to get to the polls and vote in the 2020 election. The primaries have already begun, and November 2020 is just around the corner. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you can do so below:

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