Lucy Hale Reveals Why She Connects So Much To ‘Katy Keene’: ‘This Is My Story’

Welcome to New York, Katy! The new CW series 'Katy Keene' premieres Feb. 6 and HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Lucy Hale about why the role of Katy means so much to her and more.

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Lucy Hale
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Katy Keene’s journey kicks off Feb. 6 and it’s taking place in the city that never sleeps — New York City. Katy is chasing her dreams of becoming the next great fashion designer. Along this journey, she crosses paths with Josie McCoy, Jorge Lopez/Ginger, and Pepper Smith. Together, these four friends navigate the ups and downs of going after your goals. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Lucy Hale about why Katy Keene was a show she knew she had to be a part of.

“It’s so cool that it’s part of the Archie universe. It’s so iconic,” Lucy told HollywoodLife at the Tribeca TV Festival. “I’ve been a fan of Roberto’s [Aguirre-Sacasa] for a while. I loved what he did with Sabrina and Riverdale, but ultimately when I read the script I was like, ‘I am Katy. This is my story.’ I moved to LA at a young age wanting to be an actress, going through the trials and tribulations of trying to make things happen. I just saw so much of my story in her and it really made me excited to get to tap into that.”

Katy is a great role model for any young person who has big dreams. While the show will have its dramatic moments, Katy Keene is an uplifting show at the end of the day. “I think there’s not enough of that on TV. There’s a lot of great TV out there but there are not a lot of shows that make you feel the way you do when you watch this,” Lucy continued. “We are going to get to the grittier side of New York and we’re going to get to see darker sides of these characters, but ultimately it should be inspiring and it should be optimistic and I think so many girls and boys are going to see themselves in these characters.”

In addition to Katy’s fashion journey, she’s also very much in love with KO, her longtime boyfriend who is an aspiring professional boxer. “It’s a classic love story,” Lucy said of the relationship. “It’s the relationship we all want and dream of. I sure haven’t had that. It’s very sweet and real and there will be a lot more of that.”

She did tease that there will be “bumps along the way” for Katy and KO but “there’s definitely a strong connection and love between the two of them.” Katy Keene will air Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.