Maisie Williams Belts ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’ In Audi Super Bowl Commercial

We now know what Arya found west of Westeros! In a new Audi advert that debuted during Super Bowl 54, Maisie Williams got herself out of traffic and onto the highway in the fun commercial.

Apart from being the best sword handler in seven kingdoms, it seems Maisie Williams has a number of hidden talents we didn’t know about! In the latest commercial for Super Bowl 54, Maisie stars in the “Audi Presents: Let It Go” vehicle — literally. The ad sees Maisie getting into her Audi e-tron in the busy streets. Upon revving up her car, Maisie hits — you guessed it — some major traffic. With car horns honking and people yelling, Maisie blocks out the noise by singing a familiar tune!

The Game Of Thrones alum sings the tune “Let It Go” with a verve all her own in the commercial, digging into the catchy lyrics with her own bite and speeding past shops, sidewalks, and folks joining in the impromptu performance! While Maisie’s belting is quite impressive, she secures a spot as a major car-singing talent while holding on to that last note. With a wink and a smile, Maise closes out the ad by saying “The cold never bothered me anyway,” as the Audi logo flashes onto the screen.

Fans know Maisie from her time on the decade-long HBO series Game Of Thrones, but they’ll be seeing quite a lot more of her in the future! Besides the latest Audi commercial, Maisie can next be seen in the highly anticipated 2020 film The New Mutants, which is slated for an April release. Clearly, life outside of Westeros is suiting Maisie just fine, trading her horse in for a sweet new ride!

Along with the Audi commercial starring the Emmy-nominated actress, a slew of fun new ads will make their way to TV screens for the first time tonight! The 2020 Super Bowl will see the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs face off in the NFL’s biggest game of the season. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira headline the thrilling halftime show, while fans cheer on their favorite team or dig into some delicious game day snacks! Keeping check out HollywoodLife for more coverage of Super Bowl 54!

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