Jax Taylor Fires Back At Fans After He’s Accused Of Lying To Brittany Cartwright About Strip Club

Jax Taylor expects an apology from haters who claim he lied to wife Brittany Cartwright about his night out at the strip club during the latest episode of 'Vanderpump Rules.' See his fiery tweets at fans who called him out after the episode aired!

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright
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Jax Taylor wants critics to get the their facts straight before pointing fingers at him over attending a strip club during his bachelor party. During Tuesday night’s episode [recap here] of Vanderpump Rules, cameras followed Jax to a strip club in Miami and showed him appearing to enjoy the scenery, which included a view of topless dancers. Fans argued that he didn’t tell his wife Brittany Cartwright the whole story of what went down at the strip club.

“My brother in law bought me a lap dance that was 3 minutes long and I was at the strip club for three hours, so of course they are going to cut to the scene when the only time I was interesting was that 3 minutes,” the 40-year-old Bravo star wrote in a tweet on Wednesday, January 29. 

In fact, Jax said it was Brittany who told him to go to a strip club and get lap dances. The only rule she had was that Jax couldn’t go into any private rooms, he explained.

“You saw a 30 second clip of night that lasted hours and hours, you only know what you saw, stop judging on sh–t you have zero clue what you are talking about, you don’t know sh–t,” he wrote. “If you watch a football game and the game was 7 nothing, well when they recap it one ESPN the next day, they are only going to show the touchdown, not the other boring 4 hours of the game… same thing with Watch What Happens Live. Works same way.”

While Brittany previously approved of Jax having strippers at his bachelor party, when he spoke to Brittany after the boys night out, his story seemed to have a few holes in it.

“We went a to a strip club last night, I felt so awkward, I could not get into it,” Jax told Brittany during the January 28 episode. “I was the only one out of all the guys who didn’t have a girl next to me.”

Nonetheless, cameras caught somewhat of a different story. Jax was seemingly enjoying the addition of the topless dancers and at one point even joked that he was “gonna leave Brittany for one of these girls tonight.”

Meanwhile, on her bachelorette party, Brittany had a breakdown after the Miami club she was partying at brought out a sign that read, “Don’t Do It Brittany.”

“I have to hear it every single day, people telling me that they don’t like me, they don’t like Jax, they don’t like us together,” Brittany, who forgave Jax for cheating on her with costar Faith Stowers in the past, said as she cried during the episode. “So the last thing that I wanted was to come on my bachelorette party and have to go out and a f–king sign say, ‘Don’t do it, Brittany.’”

Despite highs and lows of their bachelor and bachelorette parties, Jax and Brittany tied the knot in Kentucky in June 2019. But, it was certainly a whirlwind of events getting there!

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