‘Shameless’ Finale Recap: Ian & Mickey Finally Get Married In Wild & Heartfelt Wedding

It happened, Gallavich fans! Ian and Mickey finally got married in the season 10 finale of 'Shameless.' The wedding was equally sweet and crazy, as all epic 'Shameless' moments are.

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This is the moment Gallavich fans have been waiting for — the Gallavich wedding! Ian and Mickey said “I do” in a wedding that will go down in Shameless history. After many, many, many obstacles over the past 10 seasons, Ian and Mickey get their happily ever after. Mickey walks down the aisle to Aretha Franklin’s “At Last.” Ian stands at the end of the aisle waiting for Mickey, with Lip by his side as his best man.

Ian and Mickey stare into each other’s eyes as they said their vows. They share their first kiss after being pronounced husband and husband. The look of love between them is one Gallavich fans won’t soon forget. Despite everything thrown at them, Ian and Mickey have always belonged together. They are endgame, now and always.

Meanwhile, Kevin proposes to V at the reception. Tami and Lip get into a fight over Milwaukee. Tami says she’s going with or without Lip — and she’s taking Fred with her. Lip says he’ll go even though he’ll hate it. They continue to argue and Tami admits she’s willing to take Lip to court over Fred. She tells him, “You love your f**ked up family more than you’re ever going to love me.”

Ian and Mickey’s first dance as a married couple is to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.” Needless to say, it’s perfect. Lip, in a moment of vulnerability, decides to start drinking at the wedding. He guzzles one drink down and immediately asks for another. No, Lip, no!

After the wedding’s over, Lip goes to see Brad to ask about a meeting. Tami is with Brad and sees Lip ask for help. The next day, Lip goes to work on the house and Tami shows up. She picks up a tool and helps him out. She’s going to stay! As this is happening, the police show up at the Gallagher house. There’s a warrant out for Debbie’s arrest for the statutory rape of Julia. Debbie makes a run for it.

Ian and Mickey wake up together in the honeymoon suite of a hotel. “Good morning, Mr. Gallavich,” Ian says to Mickey, who replies, “Good morning… Mr. Millagher?” Let’s just stick with Gallavich, Mickey. Suddenly, they hear car tires screech outside. Gunshots go off in the hotel suite and the married couple moves to the floor in a flash. They’re thankfully OK but Mickey’s dad is clearly still furious that these two are married. Nevertheless, long live Gallavich!