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Odin Lloyd: 5 Things To Know About The Man Aaron Hernandez Was Found Guilty Of Murdering

Odin Lloyd was an aspiring professional football player who was found shot to death on June 17, 2013 at just 27 years old.

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Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of murdering Odin Lloyd in April 2015 and was sentenced to life in prison without the future possibility of parole. The former NFL star served two years in prison before committing suicide, and was 27 at the time of his death — the same age Odin was when he was murdered. The two men got into an altercation on June 14, 2013 at Boston nightclub Rumor which is believed to be the incident that led to Odin’s murder. The murder is the subject of Netflix’s eye opening documentary Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, which premiered on Jan. 15. Here’s 5 things to know about the late Odin Lloyd.

1. He was from Massachusetts. Odin was born Odin Leonardo John Lloyd on Nov. 14, 1985 in Saint Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He was raised as a young child by his mom Ursula Ward in Antigua before moving to Dorchester, Massachusetts. Ursula raised Odin as a single mom, along with his two sisters. He later attended John D. O’Byrant School of Mathematics and Science, where he graduated in 2004.

2. He was an aspiring professional football player. Odin began playing football in high school where he was quickly becoming the star linebacker. With falling school grades, however, he was forced to step down from the team. With the help of his mentor and coach Mike Branch, Odin began training for a professional career. Eventually, he joined the Boston Bandits of the New England Football League (NEFL), where he was a rising star. “One thing about Odin, he was X and O smart. He could read and he knew the game…He knew the game very well,” Mike said of his former student in an interview with NBC. “His talent was off the charts…I could see something special in the kid. If football was something that could get him out of the hood and into college, that was my goal.” Later Odin attended Delaware State University, but dropped out due to not receiving financial aid.

3. He was friends with Aaron Hernandez. The two football players connected through Odin’s girlfriend — then fiancee — Shaneah Jenkins. At the time, Aaron was engaged to Shaneah’s sister Shayanna Jenkins. The two men were living vastly different lifestyle at the time of meeting, given Aaron’s career as a professional football player with the NFL and $1.3 million home. Despite this, the pair bonded over their shared love of football and quickly became friends.

4. He was murdered. Odin was found shot to death on June 17, 2013 at only 27 years old. Aaron Hernandez was later found guilty for the murder. The incident is believed to have stemmed from an argument at Boston nightclub Rumor just days before, when Aaron spotted Odin talking to men whom he had previously had altercations with. Aaron interpreted the interactions as a betrayal and enlisted the help of friends Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace for revenge. The three men then picked up Odin at his home, and gunshots were heard near an industrial park in Boston between 3:23 a.m. and 3:27 a.m. the morning of his death. Odin was found with five gunshot wounds on his body. Aaron was quickly suspected, as he was the last person seen with Odin. He was arrested just nine days after Odin’s death and later charged with first-degree murder. Aaron served two years of his sentence before committing suicide on April 19, 2017. Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna is scheduled to make an appearance on Good Morning America on Monday, Jan. 27.

5. He was close with his family. Odin was raised by a single mom, and was the “man” of the house for his two younger sisters.