‘Life After Lockup’ Preview: Brittany Breaks Down In Tears About Her Ex & Running Away At 12

Brittany sits down to have a heart-to-heart with her mother about her past in this EXCLUSIVE 'Life After Lockup' preview. Brittany cries talking about her ex and what led her to jail.

Brittany and her mother, Cindy, meet up so Brittany can talk about how her life ended up after she ran away at 12 years old. “I was homeless for a really long time. For months and months and months,” Brittany admits in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Jan. 24 episode of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup. Brittany doesn’t hold back about her heartbreaking past. “I just really felt like nobody f**king cared about me. And then like as a result of that, I ran away,” she continues.

Brittany says that she immediately met someone who “heard everything I had to say about my life and why I ran away and he used that against me.” This man is the father of her first two children and her first boyfriend. When she started dating him, he was 30 and she was 12. “I thought that he loved me and I would listen to him,” Brittany tells her mother. “And then I got caught up with adults who knew that I was a kid and they just wanted me to get high and they used me to commit crimes because I was stupid enough to believe them. I cried and I pleaded to a judge. I told him like I have no one and I have nothing and I never have.”

Cindy is visibly emotional as Brittany recalls these painful memories. “I realize that you tried to be a mother but you had no example. I understand, mom,” Brittany says to her mother. Cindy thought something like what Brittany experienced would never happen. She wanted to be a better mother than hers. “I was so young,” Cindy says. “I wish I did everything different.”

The synopsis for the Jan. 24 episode reads: “Michael confronts Roc. Megan’s ultimatum has big consequences. Shane is stunned by Lacey’s revelation. Cheryl & Josh reunite. Clint spills shocking news about Tracie to his parents. Sarah’s girls’ night turns up. Brittany faces her mom over her past.” Life After Lockup airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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