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Wendy Williams Gets Teary & Reveals NeNe Leakes Has ‘Big’ Secret Only She Knows: ‘It’ll Make You Cry’

Wendy Williams abruptly paused her interview with Jerry O'Connell on her Jan, 21 show to read a text from NeNe Leakes. The 'RHOA' star allegedly wrote that she's quitting the show. Wendy cried as she revealed that NeNe's 'carrying a burden.'

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Wendy Williams & NeNe Leakes
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Wendy Williams knows something “big” about NeNe Leakes! The talk show host, 55, dropped a few breadcrumbs about a secret The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 52, is withholding on her show Tuesday morning show, which sent guest, Jerry O’Connell into a slight panic. It all started when Wendy stopped her good friend to tell him about a text she received during a commercial break.

I looked at my phone in between commercials and NeNe texted, ‘I’m quitting [RHOA],’ at 9:08 this morning,” Wendy told Jerry. They had already been talking about RHOA when Wendy brought up the text. “I’ve got to say something, but I’m not going to say a whole lot,” she admitted, explaining, “I know something about NeNe that you all will cry, be sad, feel bad for her — she’s carrying the weight of a huge thing on her shoulders.”

Meanwhile, Jerry expressed his concern and began to ask about NeNe’s health, along with her husband Gregg Leakes, who is currently in remission after battling cancer. A flustered Wendy confirmed that Gregg is “cured,” in reference to him being in remission. The host also confirmed that NeNe’s kids are “fine.” As for NeNe’s health? — Jerry asked if she is OK, to which Wendy said, “Yes, but if she continues to carry this burden…”

Wendy continued, “Listen, I’m not going to say it, she’s gotta say it. In my opinion, NeNe, you need this platform to explain the other part of your life. Forget hair pieces and arguing with them broads [on RHOA]. You’ve got that secret and that secret is going to melt their hearts,” she said, recalling, “When she shared it [the secret] with me, I cried with her.”

Wendy went on to tell Jerry that she couldn’t disclose any more information in fear of the secret becoming public. “I can’t tell you… I can’t even tell you behind the scenes,” Wendy, who began crying, said. “NeNe you need that platform to explain!”

Soon after Wendy’s show aired, NeNe seemingly responded to the host on Instagram. “WHO SAID DAT!?!?!,” she captioned a closeup Instagram photo of her looking down. She used the hashtag, “#SMH,” which is an abbreviation for “shaking my head.” While she didn’t reference Wendy or the “big secret,” NeNe’s fans believe her post was indeed about what went on during the morning talk show.

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Just one day prior, NeNe had fans questioning her future on RHOA. She shared a cryptic quote to Instagram that read, “Sometimes our biggest blessings are wrapped up in a goodbye.” NeNe did not caption the post.

Despite Wendy’s admission about NeNe’s text, nothing about her quitting RHOA has been announced or confirmed. However, fans have claimed they wouldn’t be surprised if the OG of the ATL left the show because of her ongoing feud with Kenya Moore, along with the more of the cast. The mid-season trailer, which dropped on January 16, shows NeNe going at it with Kenya, and seemingly attempting to spit on her. Wendy also makes a cameo in the season 12 preview, telling NeNe to show the girls “friendship and love” during a phone call.