The New Way To Erase Annoying Lines Around Your Lips — Dermatologist Shares Advice

If you are obsessing about fine lines showing up above and below your lips, there's no need to accept that you have to live with them for life. A new laser can be your secret weapon against aging.

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Have you noticed the beginning of fine lines above and below your lips? The kind of lines that you only thought you would get if you were a smoker. Well sadly, those lines can start showing up simply because you are smiling, pursing your lips or pouting. In other words making everyday, ordinary movements. “Each time you use a facial muscle, a groove forms beneath the surface of the skin. And as skin ages, it loses its flexibility and is no longer able to spring back in place,” explains the Mayo Clinic.

Then add onto that, the fact that sadly, skin ages every time that you go outside and it’s exposed to ultraviolet light that breaks down the collagen and elastin fibers beneath the skin’s outer layer. Plus, after the age of 20 years old, you produce one percent less collagen–which keeps your skin looking fresh and plumped up–every year. So natural aging and all those times you’ve headed to the beach or gone for a run outside without a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, you’ve exposed your skin to developing lip lines.

So how can you turn back time and banish lip lines for years? Treatments with a brand new Smartxide DOT laser–yes it’s a mouthful–are a new and effective method of jumpstarting new collagen growth in your facial skin. It’s that freshly created collagen which will naturally fill in your lip lines. Collagen is a “protein that provides structure to your body,” according to Healthline.

The Smartxide DOT is a fractional/CO2 laser and what makes it different from previous lasers is that it penetrates deeper into the facial skin–going to a depth of 2 millimeters and then producing more collagen. Older versions of lasers only went .2 millimeters deep, according to Dr. Bruce Katz, director of NYC’s Juva Skin and Laser Center. Dr. Katz, who has been using lasers for 27 years as part of his practice, explains to HollywoodLife that this new laser works by creating microscopic columns of holes in the skin, taking away older damaged collagen and allowing new collagen to grow in.

Before and after photo showing the difference the Smartxidedot laser makes on fine lines and wrinkles

The treatments then stimulate new collagen to grow and fill in those detested lines above and below the lips. But as well, adding laser treatments to the rest of the face will also tighten your jowls and the skin around the eyes which will improve any crows feet you may have. The  laser treatments will also fade sun spots and are very effective at reducing acne scars, according to Dr. Katz.

“The reason that this laser is so good for acne scars is because the microscopic holes created by the laser remove scar tissue,  and allow fresh new skin can grow in” explains the dermatologist.

Now, back to your lip lines. Three to four treatments–one every two weeks–are needed. Each treatment only takes about 10 minutes after numbing cream is applied for about 20 minutes. The procedure isn’t painless but it’s a lot less painful than earlier lasers, which didn’t even penetrate the skin as deeply. You can also expect your face to be red and swollen the next day, but don’t worry–it’s coverable with makeup–and much better by the day after.If you have your treatments done on Friday afternoons, you’ll look back to normal by Monday. I know, because I tried the Smartxide DOT.

Now, if you’re wondering how Hollywood stars maintain their very youthful looks, while also looking natural, into their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, it’s a good bet that they are having laser treatments–which truly are the only way to grow new collagen in your skin, advises Dr. Katz. Treatments around the upper and lower lips cost about $750 each. Yes, they aren’t cheap, but neither are some of the luxury creams that promise youth in a bottle and only deliver on moisturizing and not true de-aging. Results also last for years, according to Dr Katz.

To find a dermatologist using the new Smartxidedot laser go to the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) for a referral  and when you call a dermatologists office, ask specifically for this latest laser.

Check out before and after pics above of a woman who underwent treatment.