Taekook Get Caught Texting Each Other On WeVerse At 5AM & Fans Go Wild On Twitter: ‘So Cute’

The BTS Army is swooning over a 'flirty' exchange of messages between 'Taekook,' AKA Jungkook and V, on WeVerse! Somehow, the conversation resulted in a video of Jungkook singing, much to fans' delight.

V, Jungkook
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BTS’ Army pointed out that for once, a barrage of phone notifications was a pleasant sight to see first thing in the morning — well, if you’re subscribed to WeVerse. That’s BTS’ interactive community app for the K-pop group’s fans, which V, 21 (Kim Tae-hyung) and Jungkook, 22 (Jeon Jung-kook), used to send one another friendly messages back and forth in the early hours of Jan. 15 (in Korea). The messages are in Korean, but according to a translation done by fan account @Kookminsoulss, we get the gist of the conversation: V and Jungkook, whose ship name is “Taekook,” were being really, really cute.

A highlight of the conversation was Jungkook asking, “Should we sing a song?” V informed Jungkook that he has a karaoke mic, according to @Kookminsoulss’ translation. At one point, Jin, 27 (Kim Seok-jin) jumped into the conversation, pleading with V to hop off WeVerse. “Go to sleep, Taehyung-ah, and stop ringing the notifications,” Jin wrote to V, using the younger group member’s real name, according to Koreaboo. To V’s defense, he allegedly “had a drink” with his family, according to the outlet’s translation of one of the performer’s many WeVerse posts.

It was an eventful morning. On top of all this chatter, Jungkook followed through on his singing suggestion and uploaded a video of his heavenly vocals — you can listen below! It was a good day for Taekook shippers. “TAEHYUNG BEING CUTELY DRUNK ON WEVERSE AND JUNGKOOK REPLYING TO HIM PLS THEY ARE SO CUTE,” a fan tweeted, while many others affectionately called the friends’ banter “flirting.” One fan tweeted, “taekook flirting on weverse and idk how to act,” while another cheekily wrote, “Good night third wheels…..I mean armys on weverse while taekook were flirting.”


BTS sure does know how to increase our heart rates. Before V and Jungkook’s WeVerse shenanigans, we were just as excited when BTS’ management company, BigHit Entertainment, tweeted a photo of the seven members’ silhouettes reflected in a water puddle in Dec. 2019. The word “TOUR” was sprawled across the picture, and the company wrote in the caption, “April 2020. Stay tuned.” Shall we look at WeVerse for more clues?

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