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‘Mean Girls’ Star Jonathan Bennett Wants His Boyfriend To Propose With A Flash Mob & Drag Queens 

Aaron Samuels is off the market! 'Mean Girls' star Jonathan Bennett and BF Jaymes Vaughan spilled the tea about their spicy relationship and potential future wedding bells!

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Jonathan Bennett
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Jonathan Bennett, 38, isn’t engaged to his boyfriend Jaymes Vaughan, 34 — but he’s already thinking about the proposal! “I want a flash mob, just saying, with drag queens,” Jonathan, alongside Jaymes, spilled to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the premiere of Netflix’s new show AJ & The Queen at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre on Jan. 9. “I’m a control freak…if we’re going to get married, I want to propose because I want to control it and make it perfect and amazing and then I realized I would have to do all the work if I… If he’s the one that does it, all I have to do is show up and say, yes,” he continued, ultimately admitting that he’s waiting for Jaymes to pop the question!

“The pressure I feel right now,” Jaymes — who is best known for competing on The Amazing Race — retorted. “The only part of that was not about being the control freak…he realized he would have to do the work if he did it.” As for wedding future wedding bells, it doesn’t seem like the boys are thinking about walking down the aisle just yet! “I feel backed into a corner, I feel targeted,” Jaymes admitted after the Mean Girls star deferred to him — opps! “Let’s just say this: there’s not, not wedding bells, but there’s not wedding bells,” Jonathan added. “We have no plans, but it’s not a thing that’s not.” So, um, that’s a roundabout way of saying yes, right?

As for when a proposal might be imminent, Jaymes did drop a hint to his BF: “If you ever get miked up, you know it’s time.” Of course, if the proposal is as extravagant as Jonathan is describing, Jaymes is certainly planning to get the entire thing on camera and we would be first in line to watch!

Jonathan and Jaymes have been dating since 2017, and took their relationship ‘Instagram official’ on Halloween of that year! They’ve actively posted about their romance since, and we can’t get over how good they look together. The sexy couple recently walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes, and looked so in love in a video post from RuPaul‘s AJ & The Queen premiere. Jaymes also went above and beyond this Christmas with the ultimate surprise for Jonathan: a dog! “Boyfriend of the year,” Jonathan — who also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother — later wrote in a comment on social media. “Dreams do come true. If you believe.” We can’t wait for these two to tie the knot!